Nature Plus Nurture, An Argumentative Subject In The Scientific World

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        The classic debated topic of nurture versus nature has been, and always will be an
argumentative subject in the scientific world. Some psychologists and scientists share the view
that our behavioral aspects originate only from the environmental factors of our upbringing.
While other opposing specialists argue the outlook in science that agrees with the naturalist idea.
This concept of naturalistic ideas supports the hereditary genetic framework, inherited from our
parents, is the sole determining factor in our behavioral characteristics. These two opposing
viewpoints have produced a multitude of ideas, theories, and arguments in the history of

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The different causes and effects of
various situations, focus on the actual importance, and necessity of proper nurturing in childhood
development (Turecki). Studies on the early developing years in children show how effects of
various environmental situations can cause mixed attitudes, personalities, beliefs, sexual
preference, and other behavioral patterns in children (Turecki & Adams).

        For example, studies have been conducted on whether children that have been raised by
single parents are going to develop differently than if both natural parenting members were
present through a child's infancy and adolescents. There are also cases being studied about step
parenting, or entirely different parenting with the process of adoption. With a shocking change of
one or both parents in any stage of life, attitudes, and reactions are apt to become altered with a
new lifestyle. Also with step or adopted parents, entirely different siblings could possibly become
added to the family structure, altering the environments of all affected children. Psychologists
have found that, although various situational differences can be traumatic in a child's life, the
influence of the upbringing environment doesn't overshadow the hereditary source of behavior
(Rathus p.112).

        Extreme concern has also risen about the effects of such traumatic childhood events and
genetical characteristics on sexual orientation. The subject of gay or lesbian parenting is also a
major concern not only in psychology, but for many people around the world. Psychologists
wonder if the affects of this erratic situational difference will result in a inner-conflict between a
child's hereditary instincts and environmental behavior. Although the factors of genetics may
have a small deciding component to sexual orientation, psychologist John Money, concluded
that 'sexual orientation is not under the direct governance of chromosomes and genes' (Rathus
p.367-368). Children from these conditions have usually been found to acquire a more
admissible attitude towards homosexuals through this altered environmental upbringing.
However, children raised in these same conditions may, or may not display homosexual
tendencies determined by both genetic factors and environmental experiences.

        In other exceptions, children often develop problems even though their environment
seems to be entirely common. Psychologists have come to question the quality of the
relationship between parent and sibling, and also the raising and discipline methods. Take the
example of a naughty or extremely hyperactive young boy raising hell, and throwing tantrums out
in public. When we witness children in this category, we often automatically think, 'Why doesn't
his mother control him?' We assume that the cause of his behavior problems can be found in
his environment, possibly poor parenting techniques. This false assumption, however, may be an

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