Nature Vs Nurture Which Plays A Major Role In Shaping What We Are Today College/Preschool Degree Assignment Book Reflection

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Nature: Refers to biological or hereditary information that reflects child development and learning.
Nurture: Refers to the day today interactions children encounter in their environment.
In my opinion, “Nurture” is the biggest influence on person’s behavior/personality. I can support my argument in the support of nurture through my own example. My sister is extremely different to me in terms of personality traits. This maybe because of her nature; however, facts suggest it is more likely nurture’s doing.
I was raised by my aunt and grew up around her social circle and remained mostly away from my family and siblings. My aunt is a very independent person who is not emotional or sensitive person. On the other hand, my siblings lived with my mother. My mother being a non-working woman provided lot of time and attention in raising and caring for my siblings. Thus, my siblings spent most of their critical sensitive period with her and she tends to be of a more caring and giving personality. Not surprisingly, my siblings display extremely caring, emotional and sensitive behavior. I on the other hand am not much of an emotional person rather a realist. So, nurture does play a role in developing personality traits.
Some may argue that the behavior of my siblings is in their nature but suppose that if they had been brought up with my aunt, would they still be the same person they are today? I think not, because a during a child’s critical sensitive period, children learn through their environment,...

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