Negotiations And Communications Global Trading Essay

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Communication & Negotiation in a Global Setting: Business Communications Security
Ro Leavell and Brad Burch
Mississippi College
MGT 6570
Communication and Negotiation in a Global Setting
Companies face new challenges when expanding their business to multiple locations, especially when those locations are in other countries. However, companies have the luxury of communicating through software and network connections, making physical location a smaller hurdle to jump. In today’s world, there are malicious forces on the internet that seek to penetrate company networks and access their secure data. The purpose of this company training at the Mississippi World Trade Center is to educate them on secure data transmission through the internet, and provide them with the knowledge necessary to maintain protective strategies and negotiate business abroad.
Security has an important role in modern communications. Proprietary information is worthless if leaked freely onto the internet. Customers are not likely to continue to frequent a business if they are worried about the insecure transfer of their information. Medical and legal businesses are often exposed to government issued fines based on legal mandates for privacy and information security. Banking hacks through credit card data being wrongfully obtained is a frequent and unfortunate occurrence.
The goal of this training program for the Mississippi World Trade Center is to help companies identify critical and sensitive information, discuss how to securely store it, restrict access to their data and systems, securely transmit the data, and train personnel on handling that data. These are all important factors to consider before negotiating future business ventures abroad because these issues are complex and global in nature. With the internet, most companies have a global reach and access to other businesses and consumers. With this ability, the companies are also open to a global threat from hackers and it is their responsibility to keep their data secure.
Overview of Communication and Negotiation
Successful communication is essential for any business to succeed. Most companies are unable to do business efficiently without reliable, secure communication. Information is critical to the decision making process for most businesses, and voice and data systems have the potential to get that information to decision makers faster than ever before. Managers have mobile data access wherever they are, and cloud computing is arguably making the on-the-go business model a necessary part of every business.
Companies have many challenges when communicating their proprietary data. Many companies have proprietary or discretionary ideas and information, and they would suffer loses if this data was to become public. In addition, they would lose consumer confidence that would hurt future business endeavors if they suffered a breach. Companies have no choice but to invest in systems and processes to h...


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