Neighbourhood Influences Contribution To Interventions To Support Families With Young Children Psychology 2nd Year Essay

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Discuss whether increased understanding of neighbourhood influences has contributed to interventions to support families with young children, with reference to theories and research evidence.
Discuss whether increased understanding of neighbourhood influences has contributed to interventions to support families with young children, with reference to theories and research evidence – Jacqueline Barnes.
Every human being that has existed derives from a neighborhood in one way or another, a word that encompasses a multitude of meanings, observations, impacts and fortunes. A neighborhood can have the power to determine what route a person will take, ideas they consume and whom they associate themselves with (Sampson, 2002). A make-up of a neighborhood can become the make-up of the person and vice-versa, causing extreme diversity in the definition. This interaction between neighborhood and individual can be known as an influence, influences can be a predictor of one’s life-chances. Human behavior can be described through evaluation of specific situations and personality (Ajzen & Fishbein, 1988). If this evaluation can be extrapolated into a pragmatic approach to support families with young children then the future could look brighter. As children are the future of our society, culture, policy and world. If they are not developed in a right about way then societal problems can emerge in problematic ways. In this essay I will contemplate how these influences are understood from a theoretical standpoint and how they interact with other influences through science-based assessment and conception. With the ultimate objective of analysing the application of the evidence efficiently, to gauge an idea as to whether they contribute to interventions to support families with young children.
Neighborhoods can be the foundation of our belonging, a hive of social activity that share the same basic motives to live, thrive and prosper. Relationships are the basis of social prosperity and those within a community have the power to shape it, when multiple people within a group feel a positive emotional connection towards each other then task cooperation can be bolstered (Barsade, 2002).
In neighbourhoods this can be observed in Rime’s (2007) research which eludes to a strengthening of positive, social bonds within the community when emotions are shared between them. From allowing a neighbor to babysit your child to forming local mental health support groups can be forms of constructive, social ties. Therefore social networks could prove vital towards peer-to-peer social cohesion and positive attitudes that are projected externally back into the community, and also conceived internally.
This notion can also be referred to as social capital, this encapsulates all potential resources embedded within the depths and layers of societal reciprocation. As societal bonds can come in many imperative sectors of the community, for instance a teacher-parent, doctor-child,...

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