Neolithic Revolution

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The items below are some questions that will help you focus on certain ideas. It is not a
comprehensive list of every item on the test. I expect that you will study your notes and your old test study guides as well as Detailed Focus Questions 1. On which continent did humans first appear?
2. What are the effects of the Neolithic Revolution?
3. Why are women considered to be the first farmers?
4. Compare the status of women in hunter-gatherer societies to that of women in sedentary societies.
5. Where did agriculture first originate?
6. What did surplus food production by sedentary societies result in?
7. What are the characteristics of civilizations?
8. What geographical feature did most of the early civilizations develop near?
9. What are the similarities between the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Harappan, and Chinese civilizations?
10. Why did Egypt benefit from its geographic location?
11. Why has the Harappan or Indus Valley writing never been translated?
12. What are the distinguishing characteristics of the Indus Valley civilization?
13. Why are nomads important to sedentary societies?
14. Why did the development of civilizations in the Americas differ from those in other regions?
15. What is a Phoenician contribution that benefits the world today?
16. What is the most significant contribution of the early Jewish people?
17. What is the difference between the governments of the early river-valley civilizations and the classical civilizations?
18. What was the role of geography in the political development of Ancient Greece?
19. How did Greek politics resemble Indian politics 20. What were the characteristics of the Hellenistic Era?
21. What happened to Alexander's empire after his death?
22. What was the attitude of Buddhism to the Indian caste system?
23. What was the expansion of Rome dependent on?
24. Why was the collapse of the western part of the Roman Empire more disastrous than the collapse of Han China or Gupta India?
25. What was the principal political organization of early Mesopotamia and Classical Greece?
26. What are the factors that led to the decline of Han China and Rome?
27. What did the growth of maritime and overland trade routes lead to?
28. What did...

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