Network And Security Homework 1 George Mason University Assignment

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MIS 320 – 004 HW Assignment #1
1. As related to networking, what are protocols?
In short, network protocols are the rules for communications between them. The long definition is Network protocols are formal standards and policies comprised of rules, procedures and formats that define communication between two or more devices over a network.
2. What are the two parts of a MAC address?
The two parts of the mac address are, Organizational unique identifier or OUI and the Device ID. The first six characters represent the OUI Block ID and the remainder six characters represent the Device ID.
3. Briefly describe the hexadecimal numbering system, including the digits it uses to represent values.
The hexadecimal numbering system is a combination of numbers from 0 to 9 and the capital letters A to F. These numbers and letters are used to represent its binary and decimal number equivalent starting with the least significant digit at the right hand side. In regards to the digits, the binary digits are separated into groups of 4 digits which values can be from 0000 to 1111.
4. A NIC is using the address FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF. What is the purpose of this address, and what is the NIC requesting?
The purpose of this address is to establish a communication with a network device which MAC address is not known. The NIC is requesting the MAC address and so the destination device will respond by sending its MAC address.
5. How does the destination system know how to put packets in the correct order?
The system knows how to put packets in the correct order because of the headers it has on each packets and this is done in the transport layer. It gives each segment some type of sequence number so that when packets arrive at the destination they are sorted accordingly.
6. Which layers of the OSI seven-layer model work strictly within software?
It’s in the layer 7 applications where work is done strictly within software. Layer 6...

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