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Never Forget
"Welcome to Wonderland." The soldier says with a smile when Richard arrives at the entrance of Wonderland, "What do you want?" Richard looks at that soldier and says," I want to become a famous musician so I can have so many money." The soldier laughs," You are not the only person that want to become famous and have so many money. You can make what you want comes true inside. But first of all, you need to give me everything that does not belong to our world."
Richard agrees and start putting stuff into a box. When he need to put his guitar into that box, he become hesitate and looks at guitar. This guitar was his great grandfather's guitar. It's called "dream" and his great grandfather used to play with this guitar every day. When his great grandfather gave this guitar to him, His great grandfather told him," Always remember one thing: The music you are playing can show your heart. Remember what's the most important thing to you and use your music to show it. The reason why your listeners like your music is because they love the thing that you show in your music. Also, never let fame to occupy your heart.
Richard looks at guitar, his eyes are full of reluctance. He doesn't want to give his guitar to that soldier. This guitar is full of his memory. "Go to Wonderland Richard. you can make your dream come true there." His friend's word rang in his ear when his is regret and wants to leave. If I put my guitar into that box, I can become famous and have as many money as I want so I don't need to worry about my life. Richard looks at his guitar and thinks. If I leave, the only thing that I can do is go home and wait to die. Richard takes one last look for his guitar and put it into the box. The soldier looks and Richard and smile," I will give you another called 'fame'. By using this guitar, you will become the most famous musician on the world" The soldier gives a very beautiful guitar to Richard. The guitar is the most gorgeous one that he has never see. Richard loves this guitar and uses it to play a song. The tone of this guitar is wonderful. It sounds like the sound of dripping water. " Thank you." Richard says and enters the door of Wonderland.
The Wonderland looks wonderful. The sky is blue and there's no cloud. Everyone's face is full of happiness and hope. The trees are tall and the grass is green. He feels like he can't find another place that is more beautiful than here.
"Hello?" A strange voice comes from the back of Richard. Richard turns around and sees there's a girl stand behind him. "I will take you to your home and there's a concert tonight. You can tell me if you want to play the guitar on the stage. By the way, my name is Jes...


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1332 words - 6 pages hits the table and falls into the fire. Leo had no regrets or remorse, he stared at Hal burning alive and the smell of his melting skin running through his nose made him feel satisfied. As the ashes burned red, Leo turned around and slowly walked away the sirens threatening his ears. By the time the police arrived the house was burned down and no evidence was left. Leo was never found and never was he heard from again. One thing is certain, he is still laying somewhere and could be your next bedtime story or your worst nightmare.

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1525 words - 7 pages was merely an IQ test, but the physical and creative parts were the hardest. Carrying weights was something Adam was never good at. The creative part was reliant on designing a utopian society for the world to build towards. An immense rebuild leading to a brighter path was what it was known as. “The world will never be the same, you know that don’t you?” Adam asked Clarissa. “Adam, you must have some hope, at least we’re both alive and we’re

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