Never Let Me Go- Chapter Summaries - English - Summary Paper

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Never Let Me Go -Kazuo Ishiguro
Shawmya Sivakumar
Chapter 1
· Takes place in a dystopian United Kingdom
· The novel talks about breeding human clones, who are forced to donate their organs when they reach early adulthood
· Kathy a thirty-one-year-old clone who will make her first donation
· Kathy has been working as a carer for twelve years, who is proud of her skill as a carer
· She chooses to work with students from Hailsham, the boarding school she attended since a child
· It is told that Hailsham is a very special boarding school; and most human clones did not have a happy childhood compared to Kathy
· Kathy tells the reader about her past events at Hailsham
· She often mostly played with girls especially her best friend Ruth
· She says about her watching from the sports pavilion as one boy, Tommy, was bullied by his group of friends
· The other girls laugh at him when he throws a tantrum
· Kathy gets involved with his tantrum but Tommy hits her in the face. He felt guilty and Kathy did not hold the problem against him
Chapter 2
· Tommy apologized to Kathy to their way to a medical check-up.
· Kathy felt embarrassed the way he apologized and his behaviour but she began to pay more attention to him
· Because of Tommy’s short temper and bad work in art class makes the people he knows reject him and instead bully him
· The narrator feels upset for Tommy however Ruth believed he deserves to be rejected by everyone
· Kathy tells how she pulled strings early in her career so she could be Ruth’s carer
· Even though they had a trouble relationship between each other, they still managed to enjoy reminiscing about Hailsham together as Ruth was recovering from her donations
· At Hailsham, art was an important class and important for every person’s socials status was often tied to the quality of their creativity
Chapter 3
· One day Tommy painted a bad picture as a joke. This made Miss.Geraldine not understand it was a joke but took it serious where leads him to an awkward moment that showed Tommy’s actual art talent
· After when Tommy stopped throwing tantrums, the other students stop bullying him
· Kathy meets Tommy by the pond tells Kathy what happened between him and Miss.Lucy
· Miss.Lucy told him that it was all right if he wasn’t creative
· Kathy was shocked to hear this and couldn’t believe Tommy told her
· Tommy mentioned how Miss.Lucy seemed angry and believed that students weren’t taught well as much as they should be about donation.
· The novel begins to show Kathy and Tommy’s relationship forming
· A mysterious woman known as Madame comes to Hailsham and takes the student’s best art work to a place that is off campus called the Galley.
· The students were never allowed off campus, so they didn’t know where the Galley exists
· The girls from Hailsham ambush Madame to test their suspicious that she was afraid of them
· She became very stiff and uncomfortable, and this incident hurt the students’ feelings
Chapter 4
· Kathy talks about how ...

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