New Deal Reforms Classified Into Relief, Recovery, Reform With Definition Of Each Law - United States History - Assignmeny

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Rishika Gogineni
i. Civil Works Administration
1. This created manual labor jobs for millions of unemployed workers
2. This helped workers by giving them a source of income and the industry by
boosting production.
ii. Federal Emergency Relief Administration
1. This act helped states to alleviate household unemployment by creating new
unskilled jobs in local and state government.
2. This helped workers by giving them a source of income breaking their
previous unemployment.
iii. Works Progress Administration
1. This act quickly created as many jobs as possible from construction jobs to
positions in symphony orchestras.
2. This helped workers by giving them a source of income and industry by
boosting its production.
iv. Emergency Banking Relief Act
1. This act meant that banks were inspected by the Treasury Department and
those that were stable could reopen.
2. This helped finance as it ensured that stable banks were open and could
distribute money.
v. Resettlement Administration
1. This was a U.S. federal agency that relocated struggling urban and rural
families to communities planned by the federal government.
2. This helped workers and farmers because it moved them to a more stable
location where they could rebuild themselves.
i. Securities and Exchange Commission
1. This act meant that the stock market and eliminated dishonest practices.
2. This helped workers and the industry as it made the stock market more fair,
making it easier for those with stocks to potentially profit.
ii. Social Security Act
1. This provided a pension for retired workers and their spouses aided people
with disabilities.
2. This helped workers as it granted them long-term benefits.
iii. Tennessee Valley Authority
1. This developed the resources, such as navigation, flood control, electricity
generation, fertilizer manufacturing, and economic development of the
Tennessee Valley.
2. This helped farmers with more fertilizer that would help with their crops,
workers by giving them jobs and industry as they had more workers which
would boost their production. .
Rishika Gogineni
iv. Agricultural Adjustment Act
1. This aided farmers and regulated crop production.
2. This helped farmers, stopping them from overproducing which would make
the prices drop.
v. Civilian Conservation Corp
1. This act provided jobs for single males on conservation projects like
reforestation and development of the National Parks and Forests.
2. This helped workers because it gave them a job, and thereby a source of
vi. National Industrial Recovery Act
1. This was a US labor law and consumer law passed by the US Congress to
authorize the President to regulate industry for fair wages and prices that
would stimulate economic recovery.
2. This would help workers as it gave them better wages and helped the
industry as the economy was stimulated making it better for them
i. Public Works Administration
1. This act created j...

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