New England Aquarium Structural Frame Public Service Management Essay

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            In the case regarding “Diversity Programs at the New England Aquarium”, there are many structural and human resource concepts that can be examined to further understand this case and its successes and failures. The structural and human resource frames give perspective to the underlying management issues at the New England Aquarium. These issues arise around the aquariums structure and organization, as well as their goals and mission statement. The aquarium is poorly managed- which leads to a lack of a well developed strategic plan, matching internal strengths with external opportunities. As well as effectively assigning job duties, standards of performance and responsibilities. The management of the aquarium is unable to accomplish the goals of the organization because of their lack of being capable of managing the organization’s people.
            The structural design of the New England Aquarium is lacking, the managers and leaders of the organization are unable to come together with common goals and objectives, clearly defined roles for the volunteers, educators and the youth program, as well as coordination within the organization. Because of this lack of communication, the organization is unable to effectively lead the teams and accomplish their goals and mission statement. The organization falls extremely short when they are unable to clearly define roles of its staff. This causes the staff and youth program workers, to behave unpredictably. As a result, staff and volunteers are forced into the wrong roles- creating tension and conflict between groups. We see management unable to address strategic goals due to a changing staff environment. Turnover and conflict among educators forced the youth programs to be relegated under the volunteer operations- which furthered animosity between the groups.
            The New England Aquarium has a goal to create more diversity in the groups who visit the aquarium and in its staff- assuming that the two are closely linked. The primary solution they come up with is through a creation of community outreach through youth programs. The youth program exacerbates the problem due to the failure to integrate these demographics in to the rest of the organization. They fail to accomplish this goal primarily because of the educators lack of engagement with the youth. The educators fail to help the youth workers by educating them and teaching them how to effectively research and learn what it is that they will be doing in their jobs. The managers are unresponsive to this issue, failing to diversify the staff and foster a positive environment.
            The unclear roles and weak structural frame further increases conflict and isolation between all the groups in the organization. The cultural, committal and behavioral differences between the groups escalate when the managers fail to address the issues. Managers fail to create cohesiveness, by allowing youth workers to...

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