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New Kingdom Egypt Essay

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Assess the role and importance of Amenhotep 1 as a Pharaoh.

It could be argued that Amenhotep 1 to a large extent played a fundamental role as pharaoh in Egypt between 1551-1542 B.C. However it could also be argued that other Pharaohs such as Ahmose I also had a crucial role in Egypt as he defeated the Hyksos in the wars. Amenhotep 1 performed successful military campaigns against Libya and Nubia, extending the territory of Egypt.
Amenhotep supported the creation of an Egyptian Empire, from the time he reached the throne, Amenhotep I undertook military campaigns in Libya and in Nubia using boats on the Nile to transport his army, and extended the boundaries of his empire by establishing a vice-royalty in Nubia. ...view middle of the document...

It is evident from inscriptions provided by Ahmose son of Ebana, with verification from Ahmose-Pen-Nekhbet, that Amenhotep I also led a military expedition into Kush (Nubia).
From both ancient and modern sources one can safely say that, Amenhotep I repaired and restored many ancient temples along the Nile. We find evidence of his work in Upper Egyptian sites such as Elephantine, Kom Ombo, Abydos and the temple of Nekhbet, but he seems to have done little building work in Lower Egypt. Amenhotep 1 accomplishments included elaborate building complexes at the Karnak Temple in Thebes. He utilized different types of stone including alabaster from Hatnub. He repaired and restored many ancient temples along the Nile. However even though Amenhotep 1 erected many buildings, there are few remains today.
On the other hand Ahmose also made contributions to the creation of an Egyptian empire as he reconquered Upper Egypt and expelling the Hyksos invaders who had run the country for over 100 years. He was famed and much appreciated by the Egyptian people for his military exploits. Ahmose. After becoming Pharaoh he fought in the final battle to expel the Hyksos from Egypt. He then followed the Hyksos to Palestine where he defeated them which marked the beginning of the New Kingdom. Ahmose led campaigns to solidify the border in Syria in order to keep out a possible invasion from Nubia. Among the many other things he did, Ahmose may be best known for starting many building projects such as temples.
Therefore one can safely say that Amenhotep 1 had a crucial role in Egypt, but other pharaohs such as Ahmose also had essential roles and importance.

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