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The Telegraph
King Charles III Dissolves Parliament!
King Charles III has re-announced his royal prerogatives in the House of Commons earlier on today, as he closes down Parliament. This due to King Charles overgrowing fear of the new bill being passed that will limit the freedom of the press. Media regulation enables the government to have control over the mass media.
King Charles III exercised his power which has been handed down to him and has been approved by the House of Commons. The bill last was refused in 1707 by Queen Ann which was in regards to the Bill for settling the militia in Scotland. King Charles did not want the bill to be passed, due to the fact that it will limit the press freedom, and it will demonise their human rights to freedom of speech (article 19 UDHR), which would enable them from telling their readers their outlook on the issues. This would hold back the media from holding the parliament accountable for misconduct.
However, looking at the reason as to why the Prime Minister wanted to limit the powers is due, to phone scandal that had occurred in the past. Which meant the media was not to be trusted, as they were able to listen and publicise our confidential conversation. Furthermore, the conservatives are not altogether restricting media they are only limiting their daily activities
King Charles III states that it is the journalist day to day job to be able to freely express the citizen’s ri...


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