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The two newspapers I read was "The New York Times" from the year of 1942, the other newspaper was "The Boston Daily Globe" from the years of 1872 and 1887. The day of the year I was reading was January 27. I found the newspaper on microfilm inside of the Cooper Library. I read three articles from each of the newspapers. The first newspaper I read was " The Boston Daily Globe", the Friday, January 27, 1887. The first article I read was about the united labor workmen the pier of Brooklyn, New York and Jersey City strike. It explained how more ...view middle of the document...

The next newspaper I read was "The New York Times" during the year of 1942. The first article was on the front page it was "Second Tokyo ship sunk in Subic Bay". The article stated that on January 26, a naval torpedo boat again harried the Japanese invaders of Luzon Island in the Philippes, by dashing into Subic Bay. Sinking a second 5,000-ton vessel while the United States-Filipino under the command General Douglas MacAuthur enjoyed a relatively quiet day according to communiqués issued by the war and naval departments. The second article was about the ground soldiers arriving in the United Kingdom. It stated that the landing of U. S. troops on the soil United Kingdom was regarded by British public a deep sense of satisfaction that could not be expressed in words. The final article I read was about the Sinking of American vessels in the Atlantic Ocean. It stated that an Iron Ore Carrier was sunk by a U-Boot off the coast of North Carolina. The U-Boot posed as a Lightship and sank it when it was close enough. Killing twenty of the crew of 41. What I learned from this assignment was to me some the news is similar to what is happening today. When I say similar I am talking about the war and the violence. The war is different today because it is not the conventional war.

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