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NHS leaders turn screw with threat of ban on sugary drinks VS In hospital you’re at your lowest ebb. A sugary drink may just be what you need VS Jenny days article
After a high-profile study that was published in December It was found that more than one in four nurses are obese, the issue of staff obesity and sugary substances begin supplied in hospitals has now been addressed by Steve ford, a news editor, on the 2nd of January, In a British newspaper. Ford contends that change in hospitals needs to take place to help fight the growing weight of staff/ citizens that are becoming obese. Ella Risbridger writes in a different way, Risbridger published her article on Friday the 6th of April 2018 for the guardian newspaper, Risbridger displays a different contention to Ford, she contends that the little sugary rush you need at 4 in the morning when you are in the ICU is something that should not be taken away from a suffering family member of someone who is going through suffering, she uses personal arguments to support her article whereas Ford uses facts and statistics to back his own argument. Jenny day, wrote her response on the 6th of April 2018, day contends that sugary drinks should not be taken away from those that need it and that everyone has a right to choose what path they choose to go down as long as they don’t injure or bring harm onto others. Day shows that she strongly agrees with Risbridger point of view and that she doesn’t support Fords facts and statistics he displays into the case.
Steve ford begins his article by supplying the reader with facts regarding how many NHS (national health services), have already put a ban on the number of sugary products that are put on sale for purchases, Ford states that almost two thirds (141 of 232) of trusts now signed up to a voluntary scheme to reduce sales of sugary drinks/ products. Fords approach to giving the readers statistics is that they can see the efforts that are already are going into reducing the states obesity rates, Ford doesn’t reveal his contention in the first 10 paragraphs ford does this to keep the reader interested in what the topic is surrounded around. Ford gives the reader the statistics in a calm but pushy tone to create the effect that the numbers need to be taken seriously but they also need to improve to have a healthier state. Whereas Ella Risbridger takes a different approach, the start of her statement, she starts her article to make it look like she is on the same page as Ford, she uses inclusive language to say that “we all should have less sugar”, she continues her path of not revealing her contention just as Ford did, Risbridger keeps her contention unclear until her second paragraph. Risbridger creates the effect on readers that she is in the same page as Ford is, this is because she would possibly want other readers who won’t agree with her opinion to have to keep on reading to full on understand her viewpoint.
While both Ella Risbridger and Jenny Day are b...


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