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TaoismTaoism: The Origin of the ReligionA. Lao Tzu1. Name Meaning "Old master"2. Known as the Founder of Philosophical Taoism3. Wrote Tao Te ChingB. Chuang Tzu1. Second Founder of Taoism 2. Life is Shrouded in MysteryC. No Actual Origin1. Real Founder and Founding date are unknownTaoist PhilosophyA. The Tao1. Yin and Yang2. Understood as "Everythingness"3. Originates from The Tao Te ChingTaoist BeliefsA. Ch'i1. Fundamen ...view middle of the document...

Acceptance of Life and Death2. Mere Aspects of RealityC. Purpose of Life1. Attaining ImmortalityD. Deities1. Hongjun Laozu2. Three Pure ones3. Guan Shengdi4. Eight Immortals5. Yellow Emperor6. Li Hong7. Xiwangmu8. Jade Emperor9. Chang'eTaoist Practices and PreceptsA. The Five Precepts1. Came from "The Ultra Elder Supreme Elder Lord's Script of Precepts"B. Meditation and Yoga1. Coincides with Elements of Concentration, Mindfulness, Contemplation, and VisualizationC. Jiao the Ritual1. Thanking of DeitiesMajor Taoist HolidaysA. The Lantern Festival1. Celebrates First Full Moon of the YearB. Tomb Sweeping Day1. Originated in Tang Dynasty2. Created by Emperor XuanzongC. Dragon Boat Festival1. Originated in Zhou Dynasty2. Created in Honor of Qu YuanD. Chinese New Year1. Main Religious Holiday in China2. Also a Confucian and Buddhist HolidayE. Hungry Ghost Festival1. Also a Buddhist Celebration2. Many Aspects Originate From Chinese Folk ReligionThe Taoists Role in Society and View of SocietyA. Renouncement of Society1. Following "The Tao"2. Inner WorldB. Politics1. Liberal Values2. "Leftist" PrinciplesC. Local Community1. Temples2. MonksTaoism and Western Religions


I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Paper

280 words - 2 pages sings of freedom.The free bird thinks of another breezeand the trade winds soft through the sighing treesand the fat worms waiting on a dawn-bright lawn and he names the sky his own.But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreamshis shadow shouts on a nightmare screamhis wings are clipped and his feet are tied so he opens his throat to sing.The caged bird sings with a fearful trillof things unknown but longed for stilland his tune is heard on the distant hillfor the caged bird sings of freedom.Maya Angelou

Assignment On Movie Personalities

372 words - 2 pages nightmare and maybe pee their pants.So they might sleep with their parents.Action movies In most action movies there is a lot of fighting, braveness, and guns. If there were no fighting, it wouldn't be an action movie. When people watch these movies, they think that they can act or fight like that person. Actors are always so brave because they know it's not real.If it were in real life they probably would be scared.Comedy movies Comedies are the kind of

Working As A Dishwasher In A Restaurant Was My Worst Job

340 words - 2 pages Free hours caused my skin to peel off and became sore.Furthermore, the pay was low. There was no bonus for working overtime, and the minimum wage was about RM500 per month.My working experience as a dishwasher is truly a nightmare. It is my worse job compare to all my previous jobs. I will never work as a dishwasher again.

Essay On Ghost Sonata

305 words - 2 pages . The Ghost Sonata does not take place in the real world-meaning not a world most people would recognize as a reality. The characters in this play speak, move and act as if they are part of a dream (or a nightmare as the writer wants you to believe). One character sees glimpses of the future, another embodies tragedies from the past. There are ghosts and vampires in the play as well. There are many motifs in this play that set a

informative speech about dreams - English 102 - speech

760 words - 4 pages Free to audience D. Preview of speech: In order to explain the different types of dreams I’ll talk about first, nightmares; second, lucid dreams; and third, day dreams. Body 1) Main Point #1 Full sentence: The first type of dream is a nightmare. a. Sub-point sentence: A common nightmare that people have is spiders and snakes. Supporting material: Alex Lukeman, graduate of Boston University, says in his 2000 work “Nightmares: How to Make Sense of Your

A story of an imaginary friend coming to life - Year 9 English - Creative Writing

1397 words - 6 pages with you ever since you've made me up."  I stare at him. "That still doesn't explain that noise from the basement" I say. "I go with you in every dream, every daydream about your crush, including every nightmare you've ever had. This monster you manifested is deeper than some childish fear, and it's been following me. I've been to the dream council, but they say you're the only one who can help me since you were the one who made me" Coby explains

On Vol 1 And 2 Of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

1471 words - 6 pages that is but a step towards his doom. The many sources of happiness and normalcy in his life are snatched away from him. Filled with vengeance, his only goal is to destroy his 'creation', his "own spirit let loose from the grave". Is the narrative then of just a man chasing down his worst nightmare? No. Because the 'nightmare' here has a voice of his own; it's not just about Frankenstein.The 'monster' is the Adam-figure here, questioning his

The Effect of Technology on the Accounting Profession

399 words - 2 pages in business activities, it has changed the way we process accounting information and prepare financial statements.Let's use financial planning as an example. In many organizations, the planning cycle has become an exercise in futility. The budget window can span eight-plus months and is plagued by sandbagging and stretch target setting. Forecasts become a manual nightmare that may consume a big percent of the finance organization's capacity each


462 words - 2 pages Free Imagine growing up in a house where every day you wake up wishing the day before was a nightmare. You get out of bed, put on your clothes, and know all you have to look forward to is being beaten, threatened and yelled at by one of your parents while you're at home. "Eviline", a story by James Joyce, is about a young girl (Eviline) who is never beaten, but "she sometimes felt herself in danger of her father's violence" (Joyce 4). She

Deterring Abortion

379 words - 2 pages Free Opinion polls on the abortion issue sometimes reveal bad moral confusion among many Americans, such as the people who tell that abortion is murder, but that it should remain legal. Abortion when it involves rape and incest. is a nightmare. Dragging it out for nine months of pregnancy seems but an added cruelty. Then there's the child, for he or she would be curious about the truth about the father this could be devastating. Nearly all the women

Hitchhiking story

418 words - 2 pages !" He screamed back. The man pressed his foot hard, on the gas pedal and has a bottle in his hand. Ella shuts her eyes tight. Hoping this is just a nightmare. She opens them. Going faster now, he screams vulgar words. Ella "PLEASE STOP! Slow down! LET ME OUT." She screams. Man "Too late to stop now, we ALMOST lost them." He slurred his words. The car drifted into the other lane. Up ahead was on-coming traffic. Ella "WATCH OUT!" A semi-truck

Notes about a book we have studies in Year 11 called "Night" - English - Notes

498 words - 2 pages felt little sadness”. Pg 21 - “ They will have to dig to find it, so much easier to do when the owners are on vacation. Chapter 3 - Elie has been separated from his mum and his sisters. - He is trying to deny the horrors that he is about to face, believing its only a nightmare. - His father wishes Elie had gone with his mother. - He kept dreaming about his mother. - Remorseful is what has become of his attitude. - “My Father had just been struck in

on the rainy river essay Embrace or Reject Uncertain Future - english 30-1 ernest manning - essay

1019 words - 5 pages uncertain future. The future and imagination can be a dream or a nightmare, individual’s imagination sets the success factor. Not all imagination affects an individual’s willingness to embrace the future because not all imaginations are real and can happen but sometimes, it can be a problem solving. In the story “On the Rainy River” by Tim O’Brien, it talks about how individuals are faced with struggle of making decision to pursue idealistic life or

On The Beach The Assignment Was To Respond, In Journal Format, To The Aforementioned Novel, And To Mention The Main Charcters And Analyze The Emotional And Spiritual Effects Of The Main Events

806 words - 4 pages from Seattle, or what they think is Seattle anyway. When they docked home again, they were a crew member short, as he had chosen to stay in his home town - to die among his family I suppose - and this was saddening, but I was able to take it in stride more easily than the news that the radio signal had been nothing more than a broken transmitter. That had been my last hope that the nightmare we were all living in was really only a nightmare, and the

The Final Girl - a slasher film convention - English or Media Studies - Essay

2531 words - 11 pages 91478 In order to create a financially successful and popular slasher film, directors and screen writers must satisfy and fulfil the audiences’ insatiable appetite for dismemberment and blood. The slasher genre also thought of as the ‘teenage genre’, is a sub-genre of horror, and one that is either loved or hated. Halloween, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream are all one of the same genre; slasher. A significant aspect that