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No Cellular Phones In The Classroom

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I am really almost addicted to my cell phone and I think that most of the students are. The modern technical features all cell phones offer like games and mp3 players or often internet connection are a coming "attention-grabber" for all students at all ages, with their cell phones almost every time. I think it's alright to use the cell phones outside the classroom, but inside in between the class we should really not use the phone.First, when students bring the cell phones to the ...view middle of the document...

And the worst time that can happen is between tests, so that the other students losing there focus on the work and that can cost a lot of time to "catch" up.Next, some of the students are writing short messages during the class and are not focused on what the teacher is telling them. And so they won't know what is going on in class and this is clear, when they start to have worse grades and are not doing the homework. This is concerning the whole class, because after a time these students can't catch up with the class schedule and so they become even more disturbing for the class. Also the class has to repeat several things so the "learning-progress" is slower for these students who are willing to learn and to focus.In conclusion, I think we should really turn our cell phones off in the class room! But we should be allowed to carry our cell phones with us all the time. It would be ridiculous when we have to leave the phone in the car or the locker, because every time we wanted to use our phone, we would have to walk all the way to get it. That is not the point of a cell phone. Otherwise we could start using normal phones like 10 years in the past. We have to stay "mobile"!(This essay is creative writing, my own opinion)

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