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No Child Left Behind Act Essay

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The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) means clearly as it's stated, that in President Bush's policy on education, that no child will be left. The act or policy was created to make a stronger education standard for the nation as a whole.Within this policy every school will be given a national test annually to provide to each student. This test will consist of information that every student is expected to know and comprehended up to that level. These tests will make the ...view middle of the document...

This will also help to provide insight into which schools are in need of more attention and better educators. Also the results of the testing must be broken down into certain categories: poverty, race and ethnicity, disability, and limited English proficiency so that no group is left behind.After receiving the results and determining the lowest scores in the nation, each school that does not meet the requirements, must within a year improve. If a school fails to improve for a second year in a row, that school will be known as a failing school. The policy states that its school district must then provide transportation to any child in a failing school who wants to transfer to a new school. If a school fails to improve for a third year, the district then must offer to the public, school choice and provide Title I funds for the low- achieving disadvantaged students ( mostly the low-income families) to obtain programs for each student to help these struggling schools.This policy is not only out to route out poor schools, but it also implies improving or educating the teachers too. Not only are students accountable for their knowledge but the teachers are too. Most teachers will learn to teach the children what they need to know through a series of statistical methods proven to teach children at every level.

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