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IT has been dubbed the VW ..., 8 June 2004
IT has been dubbed the VW Beetle of shopping carts, but Markitcart inventor Mark Fraser has given the traditional trolley more than just a cute facelift. Shoppers across the globe may soon be able to trade in their often temperamental steel contraptions and wonky wheels for a cart that is ergonomically sound, food friendly, easy to manoeuvre plus retailer and advertiser-friendly.
After spending several years developing his brainchild, Mr Fraser, the designer and CEO of Markitcart, is now on the cusp of tackling the international trolley market with his innovative solution to every shopper's gripe.
Initially opening a gourmet food market, Mr Fraser became sidetracked when it came time to investigate purchasing trolleys. "As a designer everyone talks about trolleys and how bad they are and all you have to do is sit in a supermarket carpark and see elderly people in particular struggle with shopping trolleys and I thought there must be a better solution," he says. "I just thought I just can't go and buy some of the conventional wire ones because they're just so bad, so I came up with a better design solution."
The market cart may be a similar size to a traditional trolley, but its design make-over has made it easier to steer, safer and a rolling billboard for advertisers. Retailers and advertisers across the world have applauded the idea and Mr Fraser is now working with Austrade to make inroads into Singapore, the US and the UK. "Our greatest interest is the market offshore and our first orders came from Cyprus of all places," he says. "Their first order was for 300 which is just a trial."
Wal-Mart in the US and Tesco in...

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