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Nokia Essay

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Running Head: NOKIANokiaNokiaIntroductionWe exist and work in an era of growing worldwide competition, new technologies, variable demographics, and altering social values. A vital reaction to these types of forces has been the materialization of a new type of organization, the high performance organization (HPO). HPOs are speedy, sprightly, and market-driven. They emphasize respect for people, as evidenced by the involvement of workers and managers at all levels and consistent use of teams like those at Nokia. Increasingly, future careers will unfold in high performance work settings. (Schermerhorn, 2001).Nokia is at present the main mobile phone producer in the ...view middle of the document...

With no doubt, as time flies by, Nokia will consistently upgrade products in meeting the public's demand. With products that consist of walkmans, media players, cameras as well as the normal mobile function of calling from A to B, who knows what the future may.Nokia has been constantly reaching out to the innovative possibilities of the future by being a pioneer in mobile telephony. In addition, Nokia is concrete the system to the Mobile Information Society with its inventive products and clarifications. While individuality, freedom, inspired technology, enduring quality and the uniqueness of the human touch are among what the company believes in, understanding human needs and connecting people in an all-embracing world of easy communication are its daily business. That's why, "Connecting People" is not just a slogan, and it's an everyday goal.Being a global innovator, the company is the leading mobile phone supplier and a leading supplier of mobile, fixed and IP networks and services, as well as multimedia terminals. Headquartered in Finland, Nokia is listed on five European Stock Exchanges and on the New York Stock Exchange, with a committed workforce of more than 60,000 worldwide.RestructuringNokia is a universal head in mobile communications, motivating the development and sustainability of the vast mobility production. Nokia bonds people to each other and the information that subjects to them with easy-to-use and pioneering products like mobile phones, devices and elucidation for imaging, playoffs, media and businesses. Nokia provides equipment, solutions and services for network operators and corporations. The company has successfully implemented a transnational strategy that has enabled it to sustain its dominance in a complex and quickly evolving industry (Hodgetts, 2006).Beside with the new structure just announced for Nokia Corporation, the company is taking on a new appearance to replicate an industry change towards enterprise and multimedia services. The only division that remains as it was prior to the restructuring is infrastructure. The mobile-phones division is slimmer, losing some of its functions to the multimedia division. Nokia's venture organization has been tweaked to focus on enterprise. The changes are rooted in the increasing value of Internet Protocol in the company's strategy, the new structure helps to streamline companies Nokia has acquired during the past few years, some of which were under its ventures organization.At present, telecommunications is one of the main competitive business sectors in the world. The sector is also extremely dynamic. Product life cycles are flattering shorter and shorter, price antagonism is driving down profit limits, and new promotions and business areas require quick action (Gentile, 2005). Product growth resources have been wasted by produce a lot of costs, obtaining unsuitable mechanism, investing in manufacture and marketing the products. At the same time, the organization will have...

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