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Roxana Broche
Victor Victoria Non-Verbal Cues Project
Have you ever tried to let someone else know what you were thinking without saying or writing a word? Even though it may seem impossible, everyone has done it throughout their lives. This is called Non-Verbal communication. I am going to be discussing some non-verbal cues found in the film “Victor, Victoria,” a 1982 British-American movie, to try to demonstrate how non-verbal communication works.
As soon as the film starts non-verbal cues start to appear. First, I can see a man waking up alongside another man. The first idea in my head is that these men might be homosexuals because of the gender stereotypes we have in society that adult couples sleep together when in a relationship. Another cue I can clearly recognize at the start of the film are the types of clothing people have on in the city. The fact they are using warm and thick clothing and how I see Toddy trying to hide his head while walking lets me and the viewers know that it is very cold outside and that it must be winter time.
Later the characters perform body movements and gestures that are examples of non-verbal cues. First, I see Toddy start clapping as soon as Victoria finishes her interview performance at the club. This body movement done by Toddy (applauding) shows that he was content with what Victoria has done. Soon after when Victoria is staring at a restaurant window, I see her bite onto her lower lip while looking at a man eating his meal. That gesture of biting her lip, followed by her sad face shows that she is probably really hungry and has a craving for what the man is eating.
Then, during Toddy’s performance at the club I saw yet another gender cue. You can see some men are wearing make up on their faces, with eyeliner and lipstick on. That is another reference to homosexuality. Make up is known to be only worn by females, so I can conclude that those men desire to be females and that they are not heterosexual. When Toddy encount...


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