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What area of contract law did you choose?Corporate and commercial - Illegal contractsWhich court is the case in?Alberta Queen's BenchIs it a trial decision or appeal?It is a trial decision.What are the facts about the case? (Provide an accurate summary)The plaintiff, Mr. McCardell purchased a used Mercedes Benz from an individual who used his corporation as a front. When the plaintiff was negotiating the purchase of the car, he thought that the defendant, Aldo Tisi owned the vehicle. Aldo Tisi is the director and sole shareholder of the corporate defendant, Tisi Holdings Co. Inc. The plaintiff drove the car for about 2 months and then he found out that the car was not in mint condition and that the mileage was incorrect. He stopped driving the car when he found out and sued for rescission. He also found out that the defendant was not a licensed automotive dealer and that this was not the only car ...view middle of the document...

The reason is because the defendant was found to be running a retail automotive business that did not have a license. Since the contract was illegal rescission was allowed to be granted. The corporate veil had to be lifted even though there is acknowledgment that the corporation is a separate and legal entity because it would be unfair to the plaintiff to award judgement only against the corporate defendant alone.What relief did the plaintiff or appellant want from the court?He wanted the whole transaction set aside. Meaning he wanted a judgement which would allow for him to return the Mercedes Benz to the defendant and recover the money he paid for the car. Basically the plaintiff is looking for rescission and restitution (and not damages)What relief did the defendant or respondent want from the court?None, just to find that the contract was legal and that rescission could not be given to the plaintiff.What relief did the parties get from the judge?The judge was in favour of the plaintiff on all counts. The judge declared that the contract between the parties is rescinded. The defendant shall return the plaintiff's money and the plaintiff shall return the Mercedes to the defendants. Also an extra $350 was awarded for work done on the car during the brief ownership by the plaintiff.Does the case make new law or did the judge apply existing law to the facts in the case?The judge applied existing laws. He used the Licensing of Trades and Business Act as a reference for the case.If the case makes new law, explain what that is.The case did not make a new law.What did the judge decide on costs?The judge decided that the contract was illegal therefore it was rescinded. The plaintiff was awarded the $17,900 for the purchase of the car and also an additional $350 for work that was done during the brief ownership period. The car had to be returned to the defendant. Even though Mr. Tisi used his corporation as a front, the corporate veil had to be lifted because the corporation was found to be mere agent of a controlling corporator.



1972 words - 8 pages Civil Aviation Legislation Amendment (1999) Montreal Convention and Other Measures Bill 2008. The bill was passed into law under the new Act; a more modern set of rules for air carrier's liability contained in the Montreal Convention of 1999 came into effect for Australia on 24 January 2009. Based on Schedule 1A of The 1999 Montreal Convention Article 1, this convention applies to all international carriage of persons, baggage, or cargo

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1524 words - 7 pages ZAP!!, A Case Study AnalysisZAP!! needs to be zapped. ZAP!! has a problem that will not go away. ZAP!! management has implemented a new manufacturing quality control system and would like full employee participation. However, not all employees (assemblers) participate in the weekly quality control meetings and those who do are reluctant to address the issues or express their views. ZAP!! management does not want to terminate any of the

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2308 words - 10 pages Long Way Gone SWC030 Understanding Individuals Families and Communities Word count :2308 Case Study; A Long Way Gone Sierra Leone, a former British colony is a small country on the west coast of Africa with great diamond prosperity while also being war torn. The Civil war in Sierra Leone occurred between 1991 and 2002 and was started by the revolutionary united front (RUF). The Rebel Group invaded the country in an effort to bring down the

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2475 words - 10 pages their business. The company should need to be very careful about the quality, timeliness and reliability of their service in the floral business. The company is also losing their uniqueness due to widespread competitors across the country, which they have built with many years of innovative ideas and strategies, which includes same day delivery, A-DOG-Able collection, outstanding design capabilities which they acquired thru BloomNet member florists

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1793 words - 8 pages persuasive law may be applied into tort is because it depends on the interpretation of the C in whether if he believes there is an immediate fear of attack. Battery Case: Fowler v Lanning Facts: D shot C in a shooting party, C sue D as trespass only based on the fact of the gun wound, leaving D to justify (C believe himself need not to prove D’s intention) Judgement: (Held Not Battery) Diplock J: "that the statement of claim is bad in law and

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4421 words - 18 pages environmental implications. For example, the durability of emissions control systems has a huge effect on used-car resale values in many countries. There is a disconnect between metrics such as the frequency of repair or a warranty extension option on emissions control systems and environmental performance metrics. There are two needs in this regard: a better understanding of system interactions, such as the connection between the life of

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1717 words - 7 pages professional services, of government and the courts, of law enforcement, religion, and anything it touches (Kusi, 2005).Sarbanes-Oxley ActHealthSouth's fraudulent activity put them in the company of industry giants like Freddie Mac, Enron, WorldCom and Sunbeam. According to the Economist magazine, "in 2001 approximately 250 cases of revenue overstatement occurred" (Hutton, 2005, p.354). The questionable accounting practices included:aggressive accounting

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2151 words - 9 pages This case study report is requested by Dr xxx, the lecture of managing communications technology in xxx University . The case study comes from course study guide of managing communications technology (2008). This report is due on 05th of May, 2008.1.2Company backgroundTwo companies, Gretham Young (GY) and Jameson Business Systems (JBS) formalized their relationship and became a new company which is named Gretham Jameson Consulting (GJC). The new

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931 words - 4 pages I am going to discuss if Nasty Gal could avoid bankruptcy lastly, I will draw my own conclusion. ! 3 A Nasty Ending for Nasty Gal Response for case study questions there is no doubt that social media has help serval business growing up and contributed to its business models, basically ,The idea of Nasty Gal generated from an online space , Amouruso the owner of the company has been a heavy user of social tools to promote her business , she

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3231 words - 13 pages doctrine related to something we've rarely experienced: bad behavior. This, put simply, is a system of colored cards ranging from yellow through red, with a few shades of orange that only a flamboyant interior designer would recognize, that are "pulled" in succession or in the extreme case of some dire transgression, the dreaded "red" card is pulled bypassing the usual stepped progression; a bad thing indeed. We prefer to, when Owen has the

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7342 words - 30 pages study, Sirakaya, Shephard, and McLelland (1998) demonstrated the likely effects of perceptual changes-regarding the safety and security issues-on potential travellers' destination choices. Their study showed that new information about potential safety, security, and health problems at a destination can lead to the elimination of the destination from the list of alternatives.Similarly, political conditions within and around Turkey may be responsible

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734 words - 3 pages Krispy Krème DoughnutsObjective:To develop an investment recommendation for Krispy Krème Doughnuts and conclude whether they should go ahead with their on going expansion strategy or not.To achieve this objective, historical financial statements will have to be analyzed and an assessment of the future financial health of the firm be made.Based on the case, it is evident that Krispy Krème Doughnuts opened to the public with a

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1103 words - 5 pages in harm of dying due to donating to much blood or both kidneys. 8. Consider the role of the physician in this case. Is the goal of medicine to prolong life as long as possible, no matter what means are used? In geriatrics, this is often referred to as “overtreatment”, prolong life at all cost. Is the same charge relevant here? As a physician I would think this case would be a blessing and an amazing treatment option for Joshua, this treatment

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1101 words - 5 pages company since Jack Cohen’s death have utilized and strategically placed the company in a good position within the UK markets the business has gone into. For each location that Tesco ventures into overseas, the company seeks to gain popularity among the citizens by adopting the taste of the locals and developing the store to fit into the community. Therefore, the store in Warsaw, Poland would look completely different from a store in the United