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Normality can be defined as a pattern of thoughts, feelings or behaviour that conforms to a usual, typical or expected standardSocio-Cultural ApproachThoughts, feelings and behaviour that are appropriate or acceptable in a particular society or culture are viewed as normal and those that are inappropriate or unacceptable are considered abnormalCrying at a funeral of a stranger may be seen as normal in Australia but in some cultures it is seen as abnormal (inappropriate)Historical ApproachWhat is considered normal and abnormal in a particular society or culture depends on the period (or 'era') when the judgement is madeBefore the 20th century smacking your child would be seen as normal in the western countries, however, in today's society it would be seen as abnormal and even illegal.Functional ApproachThoughts, feelings and behaviour are viewed as normal if ...view middle of the document...

Statistical average/majorityNormal to laugh when tickled because most people do.Mental healthThe capacity of an individual to interact with others and the environment in waus that promote subjective wellbeing, optimal development throughout the lifespan and effective use of the person's cognitive, emotion and social abilitiesMental IllnessA psychological disorder that significantly interferes with an individuals cognitive, emotional and/or social abilities.Also referred to as a mental disorderAtypical of a person - not normal behaviour for that individualPhysical HealthPhysical health can be defined as the complete wellbeing of a person's bodily functions, internal and external.Physical IllnessWhen the body is unable to function efficiently due to a physical cause.Easily diagnosable and treatable with medical attentionSystems of ClassificationClassificationThe organisation of items into groups on the basis of their common properties.CategoriesCategories and Subcategories within classification systems used for diagnosing mental disorders provide concice terms for describing the disorders. These descriptions standardise the uses of terms for mental disroders; thereby assisting communication among mental health professionals when using the same categories to express information about their clients.Categorical ApproachA 'yes' or 'no' approachClassifies a person's symptoms in terms of which specific category of mental disorder they best fit or 'belong' to.Dimensional ApproachClassifies a person's symptoms or other characteristics of interest in terms of 'how much'

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