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North Country
This film, directed by Niki Caro in 2005, tells the story that represents the landmark class action case that changed sexual harassment laws. This film embodies several indications of the discrimination and oppression of women due to the power and dominance given to men and also the variety and spread of the sexual harassment. By studying these examples and key ideas, this essay will analyze the sexual harassment in the workplace. In addition, it will show how the case represented throughout the movie and the core concept of sexual harassment would be handled through a modern approach.
North Country
Being set in the late 1900’s, the movie North Country beings forth the story of a Losi Jenson who had a landmark case that changed the sexual harassment law implemented in workplaces today. This movie identified the problem of the relations between women and men, notably when discussing working etiquettes and environments. Throughout this film, we learned about the difficulties Josey had to meet to obtain justice not just for herself, but for others in years to come.
The North Country movie is centered around the protagonist, Josey Aimes, who has entered into the mining industry with the sole focus and goal of earning enough of a living for her two children as well as herself. In the mines, she suffers from sexual harassment, both verbally and physically. The numerous accounts of horrific sexual harassment ranging from provocative and demeaning words or names all the way to horrific incidents such as the port-o-potty being shaken and then dumped all over her. Through an extended period of time in dealing with the hostile work environment, Josey had no other choice but to quit for her own safety and well-being. This resulted in finding a phenomenal lawyer would help her and three other coworkers to sue the mine under a class action. After humiliating encounters and a brutal court trial, the mine had lost the case and was entitled to pay forth all the suffering of the women’s experiences while establishing a sexual harassment policy for the workplace.
This film elaborated the concept of males that have dominated the workplace and demonstrated the act of sexually harassing women is almost customary and pervasive while viewing women as a sexual object. The overall concept and understanding of sexual harassment against women in the workplace, in the film, touch based on the male dominance and power they have over women. This keen power perceived over women was a central problem dealing with discrimination. As portrayed in the fi...


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