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North Korea is a secretive country, one of these incidents happened in 1970s and the early 1980s of various nationality. From Lebanese to Japanese the North Korean government either abducted or tricked into joining their ridiculous beliefs and traditions to worship the their ‘unbeatable’ leaders. Why would they give up their time, effort and money into these foreigners? No one has a exact answer but it could be to try the ridiculous objective of turning into one Korea once again.
The brainwashing starts right when you arrive in North Korea, one of the Japanese couples who were separated before they reached the border as they were meant to believe the other was left behind in Japan, this ultimately failed as the first experimented pair, Kaoru Hasuike and his girlfriend Yukiko Okudo were riding their bikes home after the summer festival there was a firework display as the display happened sacks were thrown over their head and they were promised that if they didn’t scream they would stay unharmed, physically but not mentally as Yukiko became mentally unstable from just a little over 4 months without Kaoru and she committed suicided in her assigned room., as Kaoru tis serving the same fate. After the pair the North Korean government went for a different approach to their program, they took a 13 year old girl called Yokata Megumi from the town of Niigata in 1977, she was heading home after badminton training, with a white bag and holding a black book in her hand. She was a special case as the other people abducted were adults, with prop complete education and even some university degrees. Megumi being a child was not involve much in the political and fell completely under the North Korean regimes ideology. The minders of Megumi decided to send her to a ‘invitation only zone’ she was sent to live with another abducted couple. They were tricked into coming to North Korea as they were promised “ 3000 dolla...


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3217 words - 13 pages and relevant information on what the United Nations and United States can do to try and eliminate the nuclear threat from North Korea, a meta-analysis was conducted using scholarly, peer-reviewed sources that pertain to both modern nuclear deterrence, and North Korean specific deterrence strategies. The research methods in the sources used in the meta-analysis all had a similar trait. They all examined previous sanctions, security resolutions

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984 words - 4 pages rewarding challenge. Success does not come easily without any failure. I believe failure is much more important than success. Learning to ride a bicycle at first can be really tough at first however after a while it becomes second nature. A good deal of time and failure go into preparing for something important. It seems that many people pursue success half-heartedly, with little effort and preparation, and they wonder why they fail. Prior research on