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A New Method of Nuclear Deterrence in North Korea
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With the recent proliferation of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, the United States needs to develop new methods of nuclear deterrence to ensure the continued safety and diplomacy of both themselves, and other nations by eliminating any new nuclear threats. Previous tactics, strategies, behavior and sanctionings will be looked at to determine what may or may not work against North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. This starts with understanding what strategies the United States has taken towards ridding the nuclear threat in North Korea, as well as other nations in similar scenarios to determine what does and does not work against a nuclear powerhouse.
Beginning in the mid 1990’s, North Korea has been rapidly working on and developing their nuclear weapons program. Lately, their nuclear program has been proliferating at a record pace for North Korea, conducting six nuclear tests since 2006, with their latest as recent as September 3, 2017 (Berlinger). The United States, and United Nations have been trying to figure out ways to get North Korea to give up their nuclear weapons program for years now. North Korea has been threatening the United States and allies in the United Nations, claiming that nuclear war may break out any moment (“Nuclear war may break out”). Meanwhile, President Trump has been responding in a similar manner, commenting on the North’s demise if they continue to threaten or decide to attack the United States (“Trump warns North Korea”). What helped prompt this verbal conflict between the North Korean and United States’ leaders was North Korea’s newest Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) test on November 29, 2017. Called the Hwasong-15, North Korea’s newest successful ICBM has the range and ability to reach any part of the continental United States, posing a much more realistic threat to the United States than there ever has been (Berlinger). Along with their most recent and most powerful nuclear weapons test on September 3, 2017, North Korea’s military is developing at a rapid pace; with the possibility of being able to strap on a nuclear warhead onto such an ICBM as the Hwasong-15, the United States are put into a difficult position. After gathering research from various sources, the objective of this study is to educate common citizens with a general knowledge about foreign affairs with North Korea on how the United States can effectively make them a non-nuclear state.
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Keeping North Korea from launching a military strike against South Korea as well as the United States has been remaining a priority as they continue to develop their military. Since 1989, North Korea’s nuclear program has been of great concern to the United States and United Nations alike, making it a priority across the globe that it not be utilized in any way (“North Korea Agrees”). Despite growing tensions, the United States ne...


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