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Northern Ireland: The Troubles Essay

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There were extreme and moderate politicians. Some politicians supported the idea of segregation, discrimination and a protestant rule. Others stated that the differences were the choice of Catholics or they tried to improve rights for Catholics.Some protestant politicians thought that the majority should rule. Two thirds of Northern Ireland's population was Protestant and one third were Catholic. Ian Paisley formed the Ulster Protestant Action group. He claimed that because Catholics were not loyal to the union, they shouldn't deserve the rights that were given to Protestants. He also set up a newspaper, the protestant telegraph to encourage many Protestants that the Catholic Church was a ...view middle of the document...

Other MP's such as Roy Guilespie of the DUP (democratic unionist party) thought the Roman Catholic Church is a problem and that the Catholic churches aim is to destroy Protestantism, "The Roman Catholic Church is the problem in our province.... Rome's aim is to destroy Protestantism". Some extreme politicians saw that Protestants worked more harder, they saw most protestants as hard working investors, working more harder and relaxing less. They viewed Catholics as people who had bigger families they would get more benefits so therefore they would live of the state so all they would do is go to the pub and have drinks and socialise. Some Protestants politicians were angered by the idea that only Catholics suffered hardships while a privileged Protestant community looked down on them. They felt that Protestants also had to deal with poor living conditions and hardship.The moderate politicians thought that Catholics deliberately chose not to mix with the Protestants. For example, take the education area. Catholic parents were allowed to send their children state schools but they chose to send their children to special schools only for Catholics. They also thought that Catholics were not employed in the public service because it was their decision not to, take the police force, Catholics did not want to swear allegiance to the union, so therefore were not part of the police...

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