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Ken Harris
Phil 201
The Seventh Seal
The film start off with Block the Knight and his squire Jӧns heading home from fighting in the Crusades. The two then travel to a beach where Block encounters Death who has come to claim his soul. Block then challenges Death to a chess game because he believes he can prolong his death as long as the game continues. In the beginning the other characters don’t see Death and they think that Block is just playing a game of chess alone, like he always does. Block and Death do not finish their game, for they take many breaks throughout the film. Upon reaching a church Block mistakenly tells Death his strategy for their chess game, believing him to be a priest. Block believes that his life has been without meaning, like most other people’s lives, but he will use my reprieve for one meaningful deed. After leaving the church, the two head to the next town in search of supplies. Block encounters a young woman who has been condemned to be burnt alive for supposedly consorting with the Devil. Block speaks to her wanting to know if she has really seen the Devil. While looking for supplies, Jӧns saves a young woman from being raped from a man robbing a corpse. He recognizes the man as Raval, the guy who convinced Block to leave his wife and join a crusade to the Holy Land. Jӧns promises the man that if he sees him again doing wrong, he will brand his face. For saving her, the girl thne joins Block and Jӧns on their travel. Jof, Mia, and Skat are introduced as traveling actors. Jof and Mia are husband and wife with their young son traveling with them. Jof is said to have visions of things and the first one we see is of the virgin Marry and baby Jesus walking in a medal. While doing a performance, Skat runs off with a blacksmith’s wife causing him to become furious at Jof for knowing him. Raval also egged the blacksmith on to attack Jof and humiliated Jof by making him dance like a bear on the table. Jӧns then walks in and stops Raval from messing with Jof. Keeping his promise, Jӧns then slashes Raval across the eye and walks away. Mia meets Block and together they share strawberries and milk while talking. Jof then joins his wife and shortly after Jӧns and the young woman joins the group as well. They all agree to travel to Block’s castle, as well as the blacksmith, to be safer from the plague. Along the way, they come across Skat and the blacksmith’s wife. As she is ...


its lowkey a game im not sure what game but i need access and im not paying - emerson and english - assignment

1795 words - 8 pages for the child. Is there a specific medical provider or counselor you would like to request? ____________________________________ New Patients’ will be scheduled for a Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment (CDA) which is approximately 1 ½ hours in duration, with a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. This appointment is a set of evaluation procedures administered to obtain information about the person’s development, learning, memory, academics, behavior

This essay is about best friends and how after 13 years they still can spend so long together and not regret it. MY BEST FRIEND is the title

345 words - 2 pages amazing that we even understand each other. After spending all day together we always end up talking on the phone for hours and many times repeating the same conversations without ever realizing it. For some people it's hard to imagine being friends with someone for so long, but if I were to choose one person outside of my family that I could not do without. I would pick my best friend Tonya. We've helped each other through the good times and bad

Essay On The Sure Cure For Insomnia

1140 words - 5 pages the speaker, no one asked her to repeat what she had said.In the Army it is considered unprofessional to have your hands in your pockets for anything other than a quick coin count or retrieving something from the pocket. Being on a stage, the center of attention, is not the time to forget this...but she did. Eyes were drawn to the hand in the pocket and mental counts were made to see how long it would take before she realized it and removed it

This assignments is about whether poetry is better than prose and why or why not. - English ( - Research Paper

406 words - 2 pages Free Malik Burkhardt July 8, 2019 Which is better, poetry or prose? Here's examples on why prose is better. Prose is written in paragraphs form but still has a flow to it that is very noticeable. Prose can be written how ever you want without any kind of specific structure. Prose is easier because you can write for as long as you want and you don't have to worry about the things you have to do in poetry. When writing prose, you can write regular

Affirmative Action: Is it beneficial or not? - Preparatory Academy for Writers - Research Paper

3382 words - 14 pages . This policy was criticized as constituting reverse discrimination and preferential treatment. The continuing need for affirmative action is displayed all across America. Minority representation in the society is lower than that of whites. Affirmative action is not a new concept but it is helping people become more aware of the deep rooted issues that this country has and finding ways to help everyone finally understand and imagine what equality

This is an opinion paper about whether or not 16-year-olds should be allowed to see R-rated movies without an adult

578 words - 3 pages to help parents screen what their children see; however this isn't the case at all. Parental consent is not required, only that an adult attend the movie with the 16-year-old. It can be any adult. Most 16-year-olds have 18-year-old friends who could attend a movie with them and get them in. It is the parents' job to know where their children are, not that of the theatre or the government. This policy merely gives parents a false sense of

a movie about Sabrina and how it is not considered a romantic comedy but should be - nyu English comp - research paper

779 words - 4 pages David marries his daughter. Linus pulls a scheme is to have Sabrina fall for him and leave David. He dances with Sabrina at the tennis court and even kisses her. Sabrina and Linus go on dinners and a boat cruise. While Linus pretends to be in love with Sabrina in a way to have her fall for him, he actually begins to fall in love with her. He talks about how he wants to leave for Paris and take her with him but that is not true because he was planning

Abortion: Whether Or Not It Should Be Legal

1200 words - 5 pages can choose from abstinence, having the baby and putting it up for adoption, or having the baby and letting others take care of it. The first and most effective option is not to have sex. By keeping oneself sexually inactive, a teen does not have to deal with being a mother this early in her life. The second option is to have the baby and let others care for it. Companies such as the Bureau of Family Services and many others help find homes for

My problem is whether, or not, vaccinations should be mandatory - Paper

538 words - 3 pages open mind. I think this source will support my other sources because, as with my other sources, this source shows that there are differing opinions on what causes illness in children vaccinated but it also gives the information as to how and or why these statistics came about.

Long Physics Notes: Communications And Space: Not All Dot Points Covered In This Assignment

3320 words - 14 pages that gives it a precisely time-base. Each satellite is constantly broadcasting a radio signal that contains information about the time that the signal was sent and from which satellite the signal was sent.3.6 Draw a labeled diagram to explain how satellite readings are needed to pinpoint a GPS receiver.The Cosmic Engine1.1 Summarise the historical models of the universe for each of the following astronomers: Aristotle; Aristarchus; Ptolemy

Chapter 4 In The World Civilizations--Outline. Be Sure To Read The Chapter!

1228 words - 5 pages empire. The question that I and probably some historians have is: "What if Caesar wasn't assassinated?" Would the fall of Rome be delayed for a couple of decades? If so, would it change history? We'll never know...The fall of the Roman Empire lasted 250 years, and the Huns overturned the government in 476 A.D. Some emperors such as Diocletian and Constantine attempted to bring the Roman Empire back to its original form. Constantine even converted

Alcholism A Disease Or Not A Disease?

1150 words - 5 pages no concern of getting better. A second symptom of alcoholism is the no strength of mind or will to stop the consumption of alcohol once it has started (3). This is a totally ridiculous way of looking at this that any intelligent fifth grader would fall down laughing. How would anyone know if one is able to do something until he/she does it? The needless amount of drinking, even to the point of blacking out, doesn't show the inability to say no

Capital Punishment, Should It Or Should It Not Be Used In Today's Criminal Judging System

1734 words - 7 pages that range once the death penalty, which was signed into law by Governor Pataki in 1994, takes place. The state has yet to announce how and when executions will be carried out, but the sure thing is that when it does go into effect the cost will come from takes, which were also supposed to be decreasing as passed by the state legislature. The state of New Jersey has also had the Death Penalty for over 13 years and it's costing tax payer money, but

An essay about how to deal with insecurities and not feeling secure not being contempt with one’s - Class - Essay

1734 words - 7 pages Chassidus, I must first go in depth to understand the problem of insecurity better. There are two parts to insecurity. One part of insecurity is being insecure about who you are, and what you have to offer. The other part is being insecure about your relationship with others, and how they may perceive you. Even within these two parts, there are another two parts. Insecurity can be physical, or it can be spiritual. Physical insecurities affect the way

White Privilege- does it still exist or not? - UBC- Poli 361 - Essay

909 words - 4 pages but it has definitely diminished even though it has left an impact on the people. There are white men shooting in schools but not very harsh actions are taken against them but recently there have been so many black people that have been shot just because the police officer ‘thought’ that they were holding a gun. I think the only way to stop is to reduce the stereotype that we hold for the races which can only be spread through the government or