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Night Notes Mitchell Ransom
Chapter 1
Pg 3 - Elie described himself at the age of 13 deeply observant.
Pg 4 - His Father was “ A cultured man” rather than unsentimental.
Pg 4 - Elie found a Kabbalah master. Moishe the Beadle.
Pg 6 - Moishe survived the Galician Forest.
Pg 9 - Germans arrive in Sishet “Gettos”
Pg 17 - “ They passed me one after another”.
Pg 19 - “ It was the first time I saw my Father cry”.
Pg 19 - “ I looked at my house yet I felt little sadness”.
Pg 21 - “ They will have to dig to find it, so much easier to do when the
owners are on vacation.
Chapter 3
- Elie has been separated from his mum and his sisters.
- He is trying to deny the horrors that he is about to face, believing its
only a nightmare.
- His father wishes Elie had gone with his mother.
- He kept dreaming about his mother.
- Remorseful is what has become of his attitude.
- “My Father had just been struck in front of me, and I had not even
Chapter 4
- Elie is bent up and has encounter a French women.
Pg 59 - Later in life he encounters the same women again.
- Chlomo is full of rage.
Pg 60 - One of the factors have been bombed.
- Hearing a an ask “where is gods mercy now!!” Elie thinks from the
Chapter 5
- All ...

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