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The discover of America was one of the two greatest and most important event recorded in the history of mankind.
Both people groups from different continents were now thrown together.
Crops, diets, and environment changed. North and South America had no immunization to germs of east. Many people died.
Slaves from Africa were taken to the Americas. 10 million people 7.7 were slaves. Newcomers had splendor in new America.
Natives had misfortunes.
Europeans searched US for golden cities and fountains of youth.
America offered better chance to own land and worship freely. Much forced labor happened through this era. Indians aren’t only in the US but also in central and south America. People didn’t know that disease came from germs until the 1900’s.
People traveled along the silk road to China to trade. Europeans brought back treasures that made China and East look like a gold mine. Columbus was from GENOA. Ferdinand and Isabella founded Christopher Columbus’s trip. He proposed that he was going to find a new way to India. They before took a land route to China-1200. In 1492, the Reconquista has just ended. The reconquest of spain. Took 250 years. They had to fight the Moors to take their land back in Spain. Islam was founded in the fourth century.
Muslims thought there was no such thing as separation of religion and politics. If you were a good devout Muslim follower, you were a good political person, and were spreading the religion. Islam spreads across the globe in the 4th century. All across Europe and Asia.
11th century conflict in the Middle East. Religious wars are as much political as religious. Not just a religious war. If Europeans control more of the middle east, they have easier access to Asia. Crusades reshape western society. Crusades were really expensive for the military because the small kingdoms in Spain, France, etc. were really small. Cost tens of thousands of troops, ships, weapons, horses, and other things. Wars finally end. Arabs finally end but not without bitterness. Arabs had hatred for the Europeans.
These reasons are why Columbus wanted to find a different route. They let him go. Took him months. They find small islands. Set up camp in Cuba. The climate in Cuba is perfect to raise and grow sugar. Jainos and Caribs live in Cuba. 1494, Pope draws line on a map that negotiates the TREATY OF JORDESILLAS and says that everything that Spain finds west of the line belongs to Spain. Everything East of the line belongs to Portugal. The Europeans force the Indians to work as slaves on sugar farms. These people are susceptible to disease. Spanish watch enviously as Portuguese start slavery in Africa. Spanish start purchasing slaves from African slaves. Importing large numbers of Africans into Cuba to work on sugar farms. Africans and Europeans had the same contact and had most of the same immunities. Had enough interest for the Europeans to keep funding the campaign. Portuguese are the...

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