Notes On Film Of Captain Fantastic Yr 11 Notes

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introduce ross and film
what was ur thinking? purpose
influence people's decisions and choices
review and rating. Ross wants people to like film
film making
behaviour of characters
mise en scene - 'staging the action'
physical setting
technical devices
type of shots
sound track
background music
effects and can change the scene by altering emotion
normal soundss
stuff they did in their lives
academic education
home schooling
physical training
dinner with the family
singing and dacing
boy rebels, starts with music
rock climbing
boy breaks hand - get on with it - tough love
sets up setting
deer normally walking, guy kills it = suddenly violence - shock in audience
guy killing = not normal - WHY? WHATS HAPPENING?
looks like caveman people? tribe? but they have current clothes? waaaaaaat?
father feeds son stuff from deer and paints his face. 'iniation' cerinomy?
title shows with man = therefore film is relating to that manu
setting up scene 2
uses MLG montage OF QUIK SKOPING TRIKSHOTS to establish the housing ainnd lifestyle of family
music in montage help highlight it
they are modern and not tribal
tells childern in technicl terms to make them not understand?
didnt want children to live in the sick society
complications often escalate
grandpa thinks that their life is reckless and destablising justice....
halo type music when man dreams his wife because shes ded
tape music to let people know they are coming becomes the background music to energise the scene
IN CITY - interacting w/ mainstreme people and contrast with jungle and city people
critzizes the social interaction
people's diet = they are growing.... ba dum tss get it 'grow'ing = fat = will grow
uses religion to make policeman...

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