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Hello Dr. Gentner,
Week Two 1-on-1 Evaluation
Evaluator- JaKedria Robinson
Critiquing- Brittany Valle
Brittany and I simulated our second consultation session.
This session was our second meeting but the start of getting to the root to why Brittany seek out performance consulting services. At the star of every session, I read a little disclosure for iteration of the patient-to-client confidentiality privileges and mandated reporting. With Brittany’s acknowledgement, we commenced our session.
Starting off, we recapped what was discussed at our initial consultation. For clarity to make sure both parties were on the same page we identified a couple problem areas that Brittany stated was affecting her performances such as anxiety, occupational stress and feeling overwhelming pressures blocking her to maintain focus and concentration during competitions.
First, sympathizing with Brittany that I can only imagine the type of pressure daily she faces being an inspiring Olympian, in hopes of building the rapport and getting her to feel comfortable with me. Brittany was asking for techniques to her focus and build confidence. We began to touch about mental toughness. Brittany heard of mental toughness, so, I gave her an in-depth definition of it and we tailored week two’s consultation around the topic.
The session was to get to the center of what causes Brittany’s nervousness and self-doubt in her own skillsets enabling her mentally stability...

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