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'Now Look Here'In the sixties society had flower power, in the seventies society had discos and in the eighties society had grunge and the latest fad is tattoos and piercings. No longer is it only the bikies and high school dropouts with tattoos; respectable teachers and parents have them too. Danny Katz's feature article 'Now Look Here' positions its reader to think before embarking on the latest craze or bandwagon. Through his effective use of feature article conventions, structure, selection of detail and language the reader is positioned to believe that people are willing to embark on the latest craze of wearing glasses as a fashion statement without thought or regard to people who ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, his personal provided anecdotes provide the readers with a one sided comedy of what misfortunes the vision impaired citizens of society may encounter, 'you have endured the agonising shame of wearing your glasses during sex, killing the vibe completely by stopping every two minutes to wipe condensation of your lenses with a pillow slip'. He cleverly incorporates humour, pain, embarrassment, sexual disasters and ego stabbing torment into his anecdotes and examples to keep the readers captivated and reading on. Finally, Katz ties up any of his loose ends and links his concluding statement to his hook. He assures the audience that he was only kidding about the violence, as it just occurred to him it would hurt your knuckles if they were wearing thick frames.Katz uses selection of detail to persuade us to favour his opinion on his topic. Katz chooses to leave out some obvious information, such as the choice the vision impaired have to opt for laser treatment and contact lenses. He also fails to point out that you could take people choosing to wear glasses as a fashion statement as compliment rather then an insult, as they must find them attractive. Katz so cleverly leaves out these additional, opposing arguments with the bid that many of the readers will side with him without giving any thought or regard to these opinions. Katz's selection of detail positions the reader to agree that wearing glasses as a fashion statement is just a fad and people should not be so easily influenced and willing to participate in the latest phases.A number of persuasive writing techniques are also present in 'Now Look Her...


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419 words - 2 pages Chandler Bang Poem That I Wrote 2 I Just Want to be Me Author: Chandler Bang Throughout our life we have been told, that only greatness shall unfold. They make success seem so easy to acquire, yet as I sit here I know nothing but tire. Growing up was all fun and games, but now it seems as if I have made the wrong aims. They say go to school, to not do so would make you a fool. So we live and we learn

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447 words - 2 pages Dear *insert name here*, You probably already know this, but just in case you don’t, this is my senior year of high school! In addition to all of the “normal” senior year activities, I get the opportunity to participate in something special over Spring Break. Every few years, my high school band takes a trip. This year, we are going to NEW YORK! I am really excited to travel with my friends and see the amazing sights that New York has to offer

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456 words - 2 pages thick blades of green prairie grass tickle my legs. Huge brown grasshoppers jump left and right to escape my path. Except for the occasional chirping of a meadowlark, it is so quiet I feel as though the world exists only here and I am the only person allowed to witness this beautiful portrait of nature. Minutes turn into hours and the sun begins to sink below the horizon. The sky is splashed with yellow, gold and orange. Crickets begin to

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698 words - 3 pages Last Friday, the 8th of March was international women?s day. Now could everyone here who is a feminist please put up there hands?right up high?.right. Just as I though. Now I know I?m certainly not a feminist?but the speakers at the women?s day breakfast I attended really got me thinking about why I wasn?t.I know two feminists? they are both male. There is I think you would agree a certain stigma associated the word feminist. I know I believed

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514 words - 3 pages mother. She was the one that was to start our lives here. When she arrived to America. She was pregnant and so working to make a living was kind of hard but had the support of my father and uncle. In 1979, my father took his first glimpse of his baby son and then went out to look for a job. It was difficult but it was a lot easier here then back at home. He soon established himself as a well known chef but his first job was as a busboy. After which

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1291 words - 6 pages you’ve got, meet me at the docks no later than dawn.”- F “Alright then, thanks a lot, Allah bless this man.”- D 10 MINUTES BEFORE DAWN THE NEXT DAY “Oh we’ve been walking for hours.”- L “Almost there, brother.”- D *Both brothers see the dock and look awfully excited and exhausted. So they pick up the pace to the boat. “Here is as agreed.”- D *D hands F the money. F hands D and L their fake visas. “In the hatch you go, life jackets are on the left


1179 words - 5 pages floors, gold couches, a huge piano. This house looked like Betty White or Gladis Night and The Pips stayed there. Jimmy was amazed. He'd never think this house would look like this inside. He seen the bald headed man hiding in the corner like he was afraid to show his face. "Mister , are you okay? said Jimmy. The bald headed man shrugged his shoulders like he didn't want to be bothered. "I'm here to help you" said Jimmy as he laid his hand on his

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458 words - 2 pages as she says and the people were gullible to believe that this actually happens. Furthermore, others may say that the essential components to manipulation would be trust and innocence. In The Crucible by Arthur miller, Abigail says, “No one was naked! You mistake yourself uncle” and Reverend Parris responds with, “I saw It! Now tell me true, Abigail” (Miller 1239). Here Abigail is trying to act innocent and say nothing bad happened and relies on

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754 words - 4 pages problems at other times.)2. Look up in the left corner of this window. It should say:APA PERRLA Startup - Microsoft WordIf that is what it says, then click (or hold down the Ctrl key and click) here, or scroll down to the second page.If it says something else besides Microsoft Word (WordPad, WordPerfect, Word Reader, etc.), then that is the problem.As it says at our website where you purchased,, APA PERRLA will not run on any word

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555 words - 3 pages an adult and got her some real help. I am thankful everyday that my sister told me what she was going through. If she didn’t, she may not still be here right now raising two beautiful boys. Whatever your situation may be, find a way to express your feelings in a healthy way. There are so many people out there for you, you just have to open your eyes. Work Cited Page “About Eating Disorders.”, “Bulimia Nervosa.” National Eating Disorders Association, 22 Feb. 2018,


547 words - 3 pages Free OLYMPICSThe Olympics were originated in Greece. It was mainly meant for the people to impress the gods, and goddesses, as I read in an encyclopedia. Now the Olympics are all about "flashiness" and who is better then who, rather then a stream of enjoyment, which brings competition, between other countries. I am here to talk about why I like the new style of Olympics, rather then the Greek way, which is to impress, rather then to win and give your

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1013 words - 5 pages around that dance floor. I remember thing this can’t be real I'm going to wake up any minute now. But I didn’t, five songs had come and gone before someone broke the trans we were in. I don’t even remember who butted in I just floated off the dance floor. I was headed to bathroom to pull myself back down to earth. When he caught me by elbow “let's get out of here” he said as he pulled me towards the door. I didn’t even hesitate as followed him out the door. The only thought I had was we pulled away is my mom would kill me if she seen me on the back of this Harley wearing this dress. I

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635 words - 3 pages looks familiar. All I can see is dry grass and soil. I sit back up and close my eyes. What happen after I hear the footsteps? I ask myself silently. I could now hear more. I could hear water dripping onto the floor. I could hear mice. They seem to be talking about me. “Where am I?” I scream again. Dead silence. I lean my head against the wall and look up to the ceiling. There is nothing there to look at. Nothing that tells me where I am. Nothing that

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1514 words - 7 pages weak/ Who's gonna make 'em believe/ I need a hero/ I need a hero/ A hero's gonna save me just in time Chad Kroeger feat. Josey Scott – “Hero” I fly so high, I can hear heaven I fly so high, I can hear heaven Whoa, but heaven no, heaven don't hear me And they say That a hero could save us I'm not gonna stand here and wait I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles Watch as we all fly away Someone told me Love would all save us But, how can that be Look

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622 words - 3 pages Shauna Riordan 2.11.18 Second Year GPA Unknown In my freshman year at Parsons, I was asked to share my most vivid memory with my class; I had chosen a fair my family and I attended when I was 4-years-old. My mind still does wonders when thinking about the smells, sounds, and sights I experienced that day. That moment in time felt life-changing. Now, having another chance to look back, I’ve acknowledged the prior, and choose another: I’m six. The