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Now Look Here Essay

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'Now Look Here'In the sixties society had flower power, in the seventies society had discos and in the eighties society had grunge and the latest fad is tattoos and piercings. No longer is it only the bikies and high school dropouts with tattoos; respectable teachers and parents have them too. Danny Katz's feature article 'Now Look Here' positions its reader to think before embarking on the latest craze or bandwagon. Through his effective use of feature article conventions, structure, selection of detail and language the reader is positioned to believe that people are willing to embark on the latest craze of wearing glasses as a fashion statement without thought or regard to people who are ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, his personal provided anecdotes provide the readers with a one sided comedy of what misfortunes the vision impaired citizens of society may encounter, 'you have endured the agonising shame of wearing your glasses during sex, killing the vibe completely by stopping every two minutes to wipe condensation of your lenses with a pillow slip'. He cleverly incorporates humour, pain, embarrassment, sexual disasters and ego stabbing torment into his anecdotes and examples to keep the readers captivated and reading on. Finally, Katz ties up any of his loose ends and links his concluding statement to his hook. He assures the audience that he was only kidding about the violence, as it just occurred to him it would hurt your knuckles if they were wearing thick frames.Katz uses selection of detail to persuade us to favour his opinion on his topic. Katz chooses to leave out some obvious information, such as the choice the vision impaired have to opt for laser treatment and contact lenses. He also fails to point out that you could take people choosing to wear glasses as a fashion statement as compliment rather then an insult, as they must find them attractive. Katz so cleverly leaves out these additional, opposing arguments with the bid that many of the readers will side with him without giving any thought or regard to these opinions. Katz's selection of detail positions the reader to agree that wearing glasses as a fashion statement is just a fad and people should not be so easily influenced and willing to participate in the latest phases.A number of persuasive writing techniques are also present in 'Now Look Here',...

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