Numerical Coverage On Numbers And Quotations Study Of Numerical Order Research

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Cite It Right Workshop
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November 19, 2013
Cite It Right Workshop,
Graduate Student Writing Support Services
November 19, 2013
Workshop Questionnaire on Plagiarism[footnoteRef:1] [1: Erik J. Eriksson and Kirk P.H. Sullivan, “Controlling Plagiarism: A Study of Lecturer Attitudes.” In Student Plagiarism in an Online World: Problems and Solutions, ed. Tim S. Roberts. (New York: Information Science Reference, 2008), 36.]
Please state Y (Yes) / N (No)/ U (unsure)
1. Is plagiarism cheating?
2. Are there occasions when plagiarism is justifiable?
3. Is it plagiarism to word-by-word copy a text, include a reference, but leave out quotation marks?
4. Is it plagiarism to translate a text to German without quotation or references?
5. A course assignment is undertaken in pairs. While the ability to work together is important, each student is to submit his/her work individually. Is it plagiarism if two students submit highly similar reports, yet do not reference each other?
6. Is it plagiarism to use one’s own work without referencing?
Workshop Exercise # 1: Detecting Plagiarism
In the SIX cases that follow, the original source material is provided along with a sample of student’s work. Please circle your choice from the options given below. If both types of plagiarism are evident, choose Word-for-Word.
Case # 1
Original Source Material: The study of learning derives from essentially two sources. Because learning involves the acquisition of knowledge, the first concerns the nature of knowledge and how we come to know things.... The second source in which modern learning theory is rooted concerns the nature and representation of mental life.
Driscoll, M. P. (2000). Psychology of learning for instruction (2nd Ed.). Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon.
Student version: The study of learning derives from essentially two sources. The first concerns the nature of knowledge and how we come to know things. The second source concerns the nature and representation of mental life.
Driscoll, M. P. (2000). Psychology of learning for instruction (2nd Ed.). Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon.
Which of the following is true for the Student Version above?
a. Word-for-Word plagiarism
b. Paraphrasing plagiarism
c. This is not plagiarism
Case # 2
Original Source Material: Given similarities between software design and instructional design, we argue that rapid prototyping is a viable method for instructional design, especially for computer-based instruction.
Tripp, S. D., & Bichelmeyer, B. A. (1990). Rapid prototyping: An alternative instructional design strategy. Educational Technology Research and Development, 38(1), 31-44.
Student Version: Tripp and Bichelmeyer (1990) suggested that rapid prototyping could be an advantageous methodology for developing innovative computer-based instruction.
Tripp, S. D., & Bichelmeyer, B. A. (1990). Rapid prototyping: An alternative instructional des...


Study To Investigate The Order Of Conservation Tasks In Young Children - Piaget

3027 words - 13 pages , and the results would be a more accurate measure of conservation.Reliability:The reliability of this study is fairly high, as it was very controlled and the data collected was quantitative. I used a standardized question on the children, which can be easily replicated in another experiment. I used a random sample to select my participants, which decreases reliability, as another random sample wouldn't select the same proportions as in mine, e.g

Macbeth essay explaining themes of order and chaos throughout the play - Gr 11 English - Essay Assignment

1194 words - 5 pages , followers and people in order to gain the throne. Once he had developed a sense of power and security after speaking with the witches, he became reckless tyrant which eventually led him to his own fate. Macbeth also proved to be another character who cause chaos amongst Scotland in the Shakespearean play Macbeth. This was especially clear when Macbeth had murdered his King and friend, Duncan. This had sparked the chaos throughout the play. Early on

Victimology review and study guid - English - Research

1034 words - 5 pages victims/perpetrators   -Other forms of penetration   Originally, victims had to produce corroborating evidence to prove assault/rape  **Rape shield laws enacted:  -Prohibits use of a victim’s previous sexual conduct in court  Legal and Criminal Justice Response  Violence Against Women Act (1994)  -Funding provided for education, research, and treatment of victims  -Revisions in 2000 – added dating violence and stalking  -Revisions in 2005 – focus

Adults, Families And Society Module: Client Study (Based On The Role Of The District Nurse.)

3250 words - 13 pages understanding of the anatomy and physiology regarding the venous system and wound healing to enable them to give correct treatment and advice. Bess had a venous leg ulcer so a four-layer compression therapy was commenced.There is lots of research on the treatment of venous leg ulcers, but the most effective method is,Compression therapy. If venous ulcers are to heal, they require bandaging. It has been well documented in recent years that sustained

Assignment paper on the character and descriptive study on the movie Tales Tales of Two cities - History Grade 11 - Assignment

1001 words - 5 pages , traditionally men’s flamboyant touch, were uniform and dark. Some time would have to pass before men began to reclaim the sartorial splendor which has been historically theirs. With this type of clothing seen in the 1950’s the characters in the movie did a good job presenting this type of fashion and bringing it out. During the 50’s era they also didn't have much choices for transportation and they relied on horses and cattle for transportation

Study Notes On The Structure And Function Of Various Groups Of Molecules Including Proteins, Carbohydrates, And Lipids (Fats)

751 words - 4 pages between nonpolar side chains-Determined by disulfide bonds between sulfur atoms on the amino acids with sulfhydryl groups on their side chains-Determined by weak van der Waals interactions-Quaternary Structure is the overall protein structure that results from the aggregation of two or more polypeptide chains into one macromolecule-Some molecules important to organism's that are proteins are: keratin, collagen, silk, hemoglobin, and enzymes-Structural

Study Notes Of Lectures On Markov Assumptions, Machine Learning, Brain Learning, Types Of Learning, Memory, And Qualia

769 words - 4 pages what the pain receptors areIf you have a perfect model of your brain that describes EVERYTHING going on about red, perfectly correlative and predictive, BUT IT STILL MISSES THE INTERNAL FEELING OF REDHomunculus stance – who looks out of my eyesConsciousness starts with a body state (Emotion) – objective, measurable thingProduces feelings = low level of consciousness = perception of body stateHigh level of consciouness-goes beyond

A Study of censorship in history, and should it be used in the school system. - AP Language - Research Paper

1126 words - 5 pages Ryan Hunt Jones P.1 12/12/17 Research Paper Censorship is used by companies, and governments to “tone down” art that people may deem inappropriate for the general public. Many times artists will have to make a “clean” version of their songs for use on the radio, and even certain classic books aren’t allowed in schools because of mature themes, and vulgar language. At what point does censorship go from protecting children from sensitive material

Biography and Important Cases of Sonia Sotomayor - Research Paper on Important Figure - Research Paper

2163 words - 9 pages Sonia Sotomayor Research Paper Right now, in Washington D.C., there is an amazing woman that everyone should know about. She is striving for a better, more just America for everyone. She is the epitome of the American dream. Her name is Sonia Sotomayor. She has an inspiring life story, and the impact on the world through her work is indisputable. Throughout her entire life she has shown incredible independence and perseverance. She has gone to

Case Study On :Coca-Cola And Pepsi-Cola

1817 words - 8 pages I have decided to conduct my research on two very well known and competitive brands of soft drinks in the world; Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola. They are both major global companies in beverages and other branded products that are enjoyed in over 190 countries. Both brands, through competing against each other, striving for the same goals; to build on their traditions of quality and value to provide brands, products, financial results and management

Study Notes On Nostradamus; Outline Of A Term Paper

1145 words - 5 pages Nostradamus·is it possible to see into the future? Many believe that a man named Michel de Nostradamus could. His predictions have baffled scholars for over 400 years. Nostradamus made over 1,000 predictions and according to historians, half of them have already come true. The most shocking of his predictions deal with the coming of 3 Anti-christs.·My paper will focus on these prophecies made by Michel de Nostradamus.-it is

Case Study on Decision Analysis # 3 - MBA 6203 Decision Modeling - Research Paper

996 words - 4 pages requirement will consist of warning signs, flags, and lights that enables other drives to see the ends and edges of the oversized cargo. Escort vehicles are required for any load more than 10 feet wide. They will also need to be in front and behind the transporting vehicle. Permitted travel times also vary from state to state or country. Oversized cargo can be restricted to daylight hours. Based on the research we conducted some oversized may

The Impact of Red Bull and Berocca on Urine Content - BSDE, Biology - Research Paper

3407 words - 14 pages these substances would have on urine composition, a null hypothesis was used. There are no published articles or investigative reports on this subject matter that relate to the urine, and with a growing amount of consumers, especially youths consuming these products, this subject matter is important. This investigation will compliment existing research relating to cardiovascular diseases, dental erosion and energy drink and supplement use. Red

Training Proposal on Communication between leaders and employees - University of Technology Sydney - Research Assignment

2539 words - 11 pages and non-verbally (Williams 2008). A study of Stephens, Silbert and Hasson (2010) indicates that many people tend to select facts in a conversation and compare with their pre-existent perceptions leading to negative reactions on what they believe it is not true. Therefore, active listening is difficult to master because listeners listen not just with ears but also their heart, brain and observation (Robertson 2005). However, this skill can be

Effect of sleep on adults and children - Mesa College/ Psycology - Research Paper

659 words - 3 pages The effect of sleep on working memory in children and adults March 14 2018 Purpose The purpose of this study was to see how sleep effects working memory in both children and adults and to see how those results compare to each other. The researchers hypothesized that the enhancing effect of sleep on working memory performance will have a larger impact on children due to them still developing, in comparison to adults. The researchers also