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eat, swallow
lymph node
lymph vessel
formative material of cells immun/o protection, safe splen/o spleen onc/o tumor spirochetes A bacteria capable of movement is ______.
A chain-forming bacteria is ______.
Cluster-forming bacteria is known as _____.
This type of pathogen lives only by invading cells ______.
This type of pathogen lives within other organisms ______.
The ______ has/have a hemolytic function.
Inflammation of the lymph nodes is known as ______.
herpes zoster
The medical term for the condition commonly known as shingles is ______.
Proteins that activate the immune system, fight viruses by slowing or stopping their multiplication, and signal other cells to increase their defenses are known as ______.
The _____ plays specialized roles in both the lymphatic and immune systems.
The protective ring of lymphoid tissue around the back of the nose and upper throat is formed by the ______.
Secondary ______ can be caused by cancer treatments, burns, or injuries.
Fats that cannot be transported by the bloodstream are absorbed by the _____ that are located in the villi that line the small intestine.
The parasite ______ is most commonly transmitted from pets to humans by contact with contaminated animal feces.
A/An ______ is a type of leukocyte that surrounds and kills invading cells. This type of cell also removes dead cells and stimulates the action of other immune cells.
lymph nodes
Structure(s) that filter harmful substances from lymph - _______.
vermiform appendix
Lymphoid tissue hanging from the lower portion of the cecum is the ______.
Complement system cells This structure combines with antibodies to dissolve foreign cells - _____ Spleen This structure stores extra erythrocytes - ______.
intact skin
wraps the body in a physical barrier cytokines The ______ act as intracellular signals to begin the immune response.
A _____ drug is a medication that kills or damages cells.
plasma cells
The _____ develop from B cells and secrete large bodies of antibodies coded to destroy specific antigens.
synthetic interferon
The antibody therapy known as ___ is used to treat multiple sclerosis, hepatitis C, and some cancers.
Infectious mononucleosis is caused by a ______.
A __sarcoma__ malignant tumor that arises from connective tissues.
The __adenoids__, which are also known as the nasopharyngeal tonsils, hey are located in the nasopharynx.
__Lymphoscintigraphy__ is a diagnostic test that is performed to detect damage or malformations of the lymphatic vessels.
__Antibiotics__ are commonly used to combat bacterial infections.
__Varicella__ is commonly known as chickenpox.

_____ is the process through which a tumor supports its growth by creating ...

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