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Informational Interview Package
Katie Parlardg
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Informational Interview:
I chose to interview Ciara Foy because she had a different way of viewing nutrition than a lot of different nutritionist I had researched. It interested me to delve deeper into who she is, who she was, and what brought her to where she is today and how it could not only help my own personal journey, but I am sure many more. Ciara Foy is a RNCP, a registered holistic nutritionist, weight-loss expert, and Toronto based mother. Her life started when she began school at Fanshawe College to be a law clerk and she continued to work as a corporate law clerk from 1998-2004. In 2004 she fell into her own journey. She had fallen pregnant, and had her baby, and didn’t love the person she saw in the mirror. Therefore, she took her own initiative and taught her the healthy, non restrictive way of losing weight, that she would soon go on to teach the rest of the world. In 2004 she started going to school at The institute of Holistic Nutrition with a Honours Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition. Her whole career is based of a Nutritionist, turned business owner, turned mother, turned motivator. She has many different titles. She was a Franchisee owner of U weight loss clinics from March 2008 to October 2010. During this time Ciara opened two weight loss clinics and dealt with all operational issues including, deciding on location, negotiating commercial leases, supervising build-out and developed advertising and branding strategies. From 2012 to 2013, she did consulting for other nutrition businesses. Then in June of 2013 she became a Resident Nutritionist at and Daily BodyRock.Tv represented a shakeup in online training. Original workouts that you could perform anywhere in 12 minutes or less - for free. It quickly went on to become the most watched fitness series online with three quarters of a billion views and a worldwide community of BodyRockers training to be the best version of themselves possible. In 2014 she came into her own and really flourished into her own personal business as Ciara Foy, CEO, Nutritionist, and change champion at Ciara Foy Nutrition and Weight loss. This personal business consisted of a private nutrition consulting practice, helping clients reach their health and fitness goals through diet and scientifically applied nutrition principles. Proven ability to attract and maintain clients through long-term nutrition programs. Provide seminars for many organizations including KPMG, Royal Bank and multiple Bay Street Law Firms on various nutritional subjects including optimizing productivity, stress management and weight loss. I found Ciara Foy online by researching nutritionist based on the Toronto area based of Holistic Nutrition. We interviewed in the comfort of her business at First Canadian Place,100 King Street West, Suite 5700,Toronto, ON M5X 1C7.
My 5 Potential Interviewees:
· Ciara Foy (416)915-4...


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