Paper On Observations Of A Candle

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Observations of a Candle
Pre-lab questions
Analysis Questions
Criterion F Self-Evaluation
Due Friday morning
Research questions:
What are the requirements for and characteristics of a candle flame?
What are the products of the combustion of the candle?
Pre-lab questions:
What are the reactants in a chemical reaction?
Reactants are the initial substances that are changed in the reaction.
What are the products in a chemical reaction?
The new element(s) that are formed in a chemical reaction. The things which are made.
What is a combustion reaction?
A combustion reaction is a kind of chemical reaction in which a compound and an oxidant react to produce heat and a new product.
Burning candle:
The first weight of the candle is 29. 06 grams The tip of the candle (the wick) is burning; the flame doesn't physically touch the wax. More wax melts at the tip of the candle with time. The wax begins to drip down the candle. The orange top part of the flame flickers and moves from the wind. The blue bottom part of the blame stays on the wick. The tip of the wick becomes orange whilst it's burning. The wick turns black as it gets burned. The area around the wick is transparent Lighting the second candle:
The amount of smoke increases. You don't have to make the wicks touch; the smoke transports the flame from one candle to the other. The smoke disappears very quickly; you have to light up the first candle very fast Gauze:
The flames darken
The blue is darker
The flame cannot pass through the gauze. The flame is darker, more obvious, and fast. The top of the flame becomes a circle. The pattern on the gauze forms a circle. Beaker:
No smoke
The flame widens out into a hollow circle when it touches the beaker. The tip of the flame is bright orange when it touches the beaker and Leaves a brown/black mark in the shape of a circle on the bottom of the beaker. A second weight measurement of the candle 25. 51 grams Flask:
The water started rising as the flask came closer to the pan. The smoke hit the top of the flask, leaving a brown/black small mark in the form of a circle in the center of the flask. A few moments after the flask touches the pan, the flame extinguishes and emits light smoke that spreads throughout the top of the flask. The water slowly rises, and then as the flame starts to flicker and then dies out, the water rises quickly. Wooden Splint:
The fire immediately extinguishes as soon as the splint enters the flask. The tip of the splint turns red if you take it out of the flask and turns black if you put it back in. Analysis:
One requirement for combustion is the presence of fuel. Interpret your results from your experiment to determine the other requirements. Be sure to support your answers with observations.
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