Observing A Place That You Like Henry Ford College Observing

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Lina Yaseen
ENG 131
29 January 2019
Project #1: Observing
Thesis: Whenever students need to study they are looking for a quite place where they can concentrate and focus, for that reason coffee shops are the favorite places for students to be productive and achieve their goals.
Analysis Answers (1-5) from pages 117-118
1. What is unique about the subject
Every time I walk to the coffee shop the amazing aroma of coffee beans being brewed creates a smell so wonderful, I can almost taste my favorite coffee even before I have the drink in my hand. The sound of steaming milk for lattes echoes through the air that is because the owner of the place brings the coffee beans from Yemen, and he also brings honey. It became popular so fast because it is the first Yemeni coffee shop in Michigan, and it had its grand opening last year, and that’s what makes it unique. It is totally different from other coffee shops. The most important thing that Customers can see the happiness in the workers eyes when they go there, it makes them so happy as well.
2. What is ordinary about the subject?
Coffee shops are normal and ordinary places that many people go to almost every day. For some people it is like a daily routine for them. Coffee shops are like school that we go there every day to get our cup of coffee and leave or sit to do some home work or some assignments. Every time we go to any coffee shop we don’t see anything new or anything different because you will only see people are coming in and out to get their coffee.
3. Is this subject symbolic of something?( does it stand for some idea or ideal)
This coffee shop is really symbolic; it stands for a lot of ideas that it can tell us about this place. Coffee is one of the things that makes Yemenis continued their culture all around the world. Everything in the shop is different than other shops by the way how they decorated it and the traditional stuff that they put inside, and that actually shows me that Yemen’s people still want to show the world what they could do and still can do even if they have war overseas.
I feel like any coffee shop is like any library, and especially this coffee shop. It is quite and that is why I think is symbolic because as soon as we hear about any coffee shop we think about hanging out with friends or having fun...Etc but sometimes we need to focus on more things than other.
4. Does the subject seem different after observation?
Yes, it seems different because when I used to go I never paid attention to anything until after the observation. I used to go have my order sit just studying and not even put my head up and see anything. However; after the observation I started noticing every little detail, the smell, and the sounds, especially the people that comes to the shop and how they interact differently while they are sitting. This observation made me more open minded and see things I couldn’t see before and it made focus more, see how people talk to each other, how do ...


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