Obsessive Dreams In The Novel Frankenstine By Mary Shelly Eng 1060 W Essay

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Dejah Havard
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Dreams Rough Draft
The dreams that are created are usually based on something that one takes an interest to when growing up. Whether it be a hobby or educational dream, a person typically wants to make sure that their dreams are met. Dreams can become an obsession when you spend too much time attempting to figure out how to accomplish the said dream. Typically, people become obsessed with their long-term dreams because they create a path that you can follow to do something that you want. For example, may people discover what jobs they would like to have when they are in high school. This becomes their dream job and they base their next decisions on what would get them closer to meeting that dream. Picking out a college, getting internships, doing research on what the job entails etc. This is a form of healthy obsession. A person is concerned with what steps they must take to become the thing they want to be but, they do not let it take over their lives. They are aware that other short and long-term dreams can be created along with still striving for the job dream. When the dream begins to be the only thing a person is concerned about is when it gets dangerous. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the two main characters display a growing obsession for their dreams. The balance between their dreams and reality is a challenge throughout the novel.
In the case of Victor Frankenstein, his original obsession came from the discovery of lightning (Vol I.23-24). This is when he knew he wanted to study this topic in when he was to attend Ingolstadt in four years. For four years he studied very old versions of natural sciences, so he knew about the ability to conjure up the dead (Vol I. 23) but he wasn’t sure how possible it was until he met Krempe. Professor Krempe seemed to encourage Victor to push the laws of natural philosophy to its limits. He convinced Victor that his study of alchemists was “a burden to his memory with exploded systems and useless names” (Vol I. 27). This made victor go all out into the natural science and allow his life to be revolve around it. He never visited home, forgot about the people who cared about him. In chapter three Victor says, “in other studies you go as far as other have gone before you, and there is nothing more to know; but in a scientific pursuit there is a continual food for discovery and wonder” (Vol I. 30). This mindset that he has created for his-self caused him to create an excuse to continue studying the unknown, creating things that the ones before his would never dare. This obsession with not only the study of natural sciences and education but, an obsession of not understanding when enough is enough. That caused him to create a life that took after him regarding the ability to balance a dream.
Once Victor created the monster, he came back to reality and realized that he had indeed created a monster. After an unfortunate first encounter with the monster he was then sent...

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