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We're gathered here today at the plaza hotel, having had a fabulous dinner and the few odd drinks as well, to celebrate a man our father who has now experienced sixty years in this hemisphere.He has many hobbies and interest, likes swimming, hiking and classical music. Now he likes golf more than I do. The first time, I had to convince him to play golf with me. Now his golf club is worn out more than mine.When I was young, I couldn't understand my father because he always went to many countr ...view middle of the document...

But only hard wok, lots of discipline and positive thinking will give you worm and shiny weather in your future. I think he was right. Ever since we've come here, he has worked hard on his job, and business. Finally, he became a successful and respected businessman.He is not just a father to me, he also is my personal and business advisor. When I had difficult times with my business, he didn't give me an answer right away. He always made me think before he gave directions to solve a lot of problems. One day he told me " do your business with honesty" I replied '' dad, you know it's not easy and how can I make money with honesty. It's not possible," he told me I know its hard to do it like that, but it will makes you very successful businessman someday. Believe me".I don't think he has an easy life like other people. However, I believe a lot of humbleness and mistakes made him more stronger and successful businessman. He's been a great provider and kind of father who put his family first.Now let us all make a toast, let's be formal. So all please rise. "To dad, happy sixty birthday". Raise your glasses "to the greatest father in all the world"


Stem Cell Research Paper on Why it should be - Assignment for Speech Class - Research Paper

1458 words - 6 pages weakening of the immune system and killing of healthy cells. With embryonic stem cells one will not only be able to rapidly replace the degenerating cells it can lead to the eradication of cancer cells with further research as stated by the us department of health and human services. A cure for cancer. Something that has been a conflict since the first diagnosi of cancer in the sixteenth to eighteenth centures according to the American cancer society

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806 words - 4 pages . Receiving Notices Electronically. Notices may be delivered to you electronically through our website. We will provide Notices when you apply for a loan from us, and, if you receive a loan, during the life of such loan. We will also post Notices on the Citizens website or online application with appropriate notification to you as permitted by applicable law. We will consider your acceptance of this Consent as your confirmation of receipt of this

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466 words - 2 pages course) always ahead of them; that is, they believe they can always strive for something better. If they “run faster, stretch out [their] arms farther,” then there will eventually be that “one fine morning” – yet Fitzgerald pauses there with no concrete description of what will happen then, because in reality, it is a vague desire that those caught up in the American Dream can’t even fully imagine for themselves. For example, it’s likely that even

trademark is a common problems between companies. wherefore Asda will be taken to the high court because of the claiming which Specsavers make it against it.

572 words - 3 pages Untitled summary trademark is a common problems between companies. wherefore Asda will be taken to the high court because of the claiming which Specsavers make it against it. The problem start when Azda ran an online and in-store advertisement claiming: "Be a real specs saver at Asda." Which considered by Specsavers as distortion of the company's reputation. The other object was the elliptical shapes which Azda use it

MCAS: Are You For Or Against It? Analysis Of An Editorial + My Own Opinions On MCAS Test Administration

815 words - 4 pages hierarchies. If Massachusetts were egalitarian, then the average know-nothing civilian would be almost right to call us "communist." Face the facts: the world is full of competition; MCAS just reduces the time for judging who's on top and who's on bottom. Why did the legislators in this state pick MCAS? It was made by this state and it stays in this state. This enables the researchers to gather information on the state's education systems more

This essay explains why it might be hard for parents to bring up children in the Christian faith

512 words - 3 pages Free make time for other things like prayer etc. These things all take time where a child could be doing other activities that they would prefer to be doing than attending church. As well as this, to a child who isn't a Christian because of their own decision church will be very pointless because it doesn't meet with what they believe in at all.The influence of the media is also extremely overwhelming. Books with titles such as "Persecution: How

Nineteen Eighty-Four: "It Would Be Easier For The State To Kill Winston. Why Does It Take The Trouble To 'cure' Him?"

1115 words - 5 pages the same way Winston was. " 'They got me a long time ago,' said O'Brien with a mild, almost regretful irony." It was in this way that O'Brien would now be the one to influence Winston by brainwashing him and reducing his minds to nothing but the love for Big Brother. Perhaps, one day, Winston may be in the shoes of O'Brien in which he will be the one to deceive any other Thoughtcriminals, but at this stage by releasing Winston back into society

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1281 words - 6 pages PHYS 407S Ver. B Midterm Exam 1 September 28, 2017 Name: • Time for the exam: 7:10pm – 9:00pm. • Closed book, closed notes, closed neighbor. Calculators are allowed. • The exam has five numbered physics problems. Please complete any four problems. Cross out the problem you do not wish to be graded on this cover page page. If there is any ambiguity, we will grade the first four problems (no exceptions). • Show your work. An unjustified answer may

this is for the county wide laws of life essay, her is my story and maybe you can relate to it too. - north forsyth highschool / literature - essay

493 words - 2 pages because when you are suffering you don't want people asking you what's wrong so you put on a show to prevent any further thought of it but somehow the though still remains playing over and over again in my head. The event that i want to apply this ‘’Law of life” to is my current situation. Starting back on August ,8 my mom had to be locked away for 1 month because she was not compliant with Child Protective Services and she got pulled over with

My Mother And I. WHat Is One Situation Where You Felt You Wouldn't Survive And Pull Through If It Weren't For Your Mother's Support And Encouragement? Develop And Discuss

480 words - 2 pages believe that I would have gotten over it if it weren't for my mother. Today, I don't see my mom as much as I used to. She has more work to do, and so do i. maybe now that I'm older, she doesn't really need to look out for me as she once did. However, our times spent together are enough to bring joy to my heart, and make me calm and content, no matter what. Although I will be leaving to college in a year or two, I know that it will not interfere

Speech for supporting a deserving candidate for student council. In this case my friend Sara khalid

417 words - 2 pages Free that hit the northern Pakistan. Sarah not only gathered aid for the sufferers but even visited the affected areas to help the victims personally.I believe that Sarah is a comprehensive package for a class prefect and is the deserving candidate. Please vote for her if you want a reliable individual to be given the post.

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931 words - 4 pages those tough situations were horrible, but seeing it now we are just more than lucky to still be able to celebrate more birthdays and holidays with my father. He is my inspiration because seeing how strong he managed to go from almost losing him to being He is my hero because seeing how hard he fought and how he did not give up no matter what the doctors told him, made me realize I should never give up and never think negative because you will attract negativity. By thinking positive, positive things will happen and that is what happened to my father and I thank God for giving him another chance at life.

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644 words - 3 pages . "I got'um," I cheered to dad, as I shot out of my seat. With a smile on his face and giving me a high five, dad laughed, "Yes, you did and you did a hell of a job." My body started to tingle, as happiness and excitement ran from head to toe. I wiped the sweat from my forehead and thought to myself, "I did it, I got my first buck." I sat at the edge of my seat anxiously waiting for dad to give the okay to go and track the deer. Twiddling my thumbs


576 words - 3 pages say a word. I started to worry about dad. We went home and my mom said to me:"Emily, I have to tell you something."I was sure that it was about dad. Something bad had happened to him."Honey, your dad has been sent to Afghanistan this morning with the U.S Army. Don't worry, he will be okay. "said mom. I could hear the pain in her voice."How long is he staying? "I asked with tears in my eyes."Probably… 6-7 months, but he is coming back for a

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets od the Universe Book Essay - QISS - Essay

1009 words - 5 pages the ground. I was saying things to him, cursing at him. (314-315) Ari was mad, and he decided to revenge for Dante, so he just followed his own mind, he beat the boy who bullied Dante. However Ari didn’t care about others’ resistances: My dad came out of the house and stood on the front porch. He looked at me. I didn’t like the look on his face. “I need to talk to you,” he said. He’d never said that to me before. Not ever. His voice made me