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Vipoo Srivilasa is a ceramic artist who comes originally from Thailand but lived in Tasmania. His collection “Ocean Fantasy” was created when he lived in there in June 1998. It was held at Side Space, Salamanca Art Centre in an expedition of ceramics. His “Ocean Fantasy” collection of three ceramic artworks about mythical undersea world, used the beauty of the fauna and flora of the Tasmanian coastline (where he lived) as inspiration .
The starfish, jellyfish and shellfish that live on the seaside inspired all his artworks. One of the three artworks was a sculpture called “Queen of Corals”. It stood roughly 30cm tall on top of a platform giving the feeling of importance. It was decorative not functional like his other artworks as it can not hold water. It looks like coral with realistic details interwoven into the arms of the royal blue coloured coral. Its shape and form gives an intrigue and mystery. It  resembles a women with its curvy feminine features that draw your eyes from the bottom to the top of the artwork that resembles a crown that gives the idea of royalty. The vibe given off by the sculpture and its shape is evil queen and villain. A powerful feminine villain vibe gives this sculpture a meaning. Copper/golden starfish decorate ...


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