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"Oedipus rex demonstrates that people ultimately have little control over their own lives" Do you agree?A common debate that still rages today is whether we as a species have free will or if some divine source, some call it fate, controls our destiny. To have control over something is to rule and be able manage it. The same debate applies to Oedipus the King. Oedipus is in control of his actions, but ultimately the gods predetermine his ill fate. Some believe man is free to choose and is ultimately held responsible for his own actions. Both the concept of fate and free will played an integral part in Oedipus' destruction. Although he was a victim of fate, he was not controlled by it. Oedi ...view middle of the document...

He was hardly influenced or told by anyone to investigate Laius death. Some people believe that you cant control the your fate at all every choice you make, every thought you have is already predetermined.It is believed that Sophocles felt that a person had no control over the course of his life. It is argued that no matter how much freewill Oedipus had in controlling his life, fate had already taken control. Sophocles believed in both fate and free will, that man really does have free will; it just exists within fate and the limitations that go along with it. Man makes his own choices, but not if they go directly against fate. That is, fate exists, but ultimately man makes his own decisions and bears the responsibility for them. The ending is already determined, but free will decides how one gets there. Choices made along the road are yours and yours alone, but the gods have already decided where you're going. Therefore, Oedipus inevitably would have completed his ill fate in one way or another but his choices led him thereOedipus was not the only mortal that determined his fate. His birth parents Laius and Jocasta also helped. It was their decision to go against the gods and cast away their son. Jocasta thought she had outsmart the gods, but in fact, every decision she made moved her closer to the prophecy becoming a reality. If La...


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1315 words - 6 pages clarifies the limit of the one who experiences it, in this case Oedipus.Several techniques relating to truth are evident in both poems. In Oedipus Rex, light embodies truth but, as light can only be recognized by the eyes, concrete wisdom lies beyond the senses, in the darkness and inherent suffering of us all. Tireisas conveys his ability to see the truth when he says to Oedipus, ?Creon is not your downfall, no, you are your own.? (432) When Oedipus

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856 words - 4 pages Professor Woods English March 13,2019 The impact of fear There are many things that many people might be afraid of. Fear can affect a human being in many ways. Laura Wingfield and Oedipus Rex both come from different walks of life, but both experience fear that affects them drastically. In Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex and Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie, the characters Oedipus Rex and Laura Wingfield experience the effects of fear due to

The Five Stages Of A Tragic Hero And Oedipus' Going Through Them

619 words - 3 pages The True Tragic HeroIn Sophocles' play Oedipus Rex, every reader is riding a roller coaster of his life. Aristotle's definition of a tragic hero is one person who goes through five stages which in Sophocles' play the main character Oedipus does. The five stages that he goes through are pre-eminence, flaw, fall, gaining of insight, and rise.Pre-eminent is one who surpasses all the others or should be looked up to. Oedipus at the beginning of the

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1311 words - 6 pages Comparison Essay The following essay will compare the themes of the Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex, by Sophocles, and the short story "Cathedral", by Raymond Carver. Oedipus Rex, is the story of a family who received a disturbing prophecy about there newborn son, and are forced to give him up. As a result, the child, Oedipus is to be killed, but rather he is given to a king as a gift from one of his shepherds. Oedipus did indeed fulfill the prophecy

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921 words - 4 pages Perfect From Beginning to End"Ah God! It was true! All the prophecies! O Light, may I look on you for the last time! I, Oedipus, Oedipus, damned in his birth, in his marriage damned, damned in the blood he shed with his own hand!"(229) The play Oedipus Rex, written by Sophocles, is an ideal example of the perfect tragedy. When this play is placed next to the definition from Aristotle's Poetics, the evidence of this statement is undeniable

Oedipus, Who Was He And What Had He Learned

1324 words - 6 pages with her. He learned even though we see with our eyes we are blind to what we hear. He learned that the woman he had married started this reign of disaster; he learned this through his usual drive to get results. Maybe if his mother and father would have believed more in faith such as love and caring for him instead of giving him away all of their destinies would have ended differently.Bibliography Sophocles - Oedipus Rex -Legacies (Book) Heinle part of Thomson Learning (2002)

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760 words - 4 pages DaShaun Green Intro Drama Moore 1/19/2016 Oedipus Rex Oedipus Rex is story about a king who fulfils the prophecy of killing his father, Laius, and marries his mother, Jocasta. First, Oedipus is determined to discover who he is, just like any person other ordinary person would. He is presented with a problem. Exploring the reason behind the problem to sets his mind free and he tries to feels relief. He knows exactly what is causing the problem

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993 words - 4 pages the play and connect with the audience by way of being sympathetic to Oedipus’ plight. The audience immediately wants to be empathetic to Oedipus because he has unwittingly committed these horrible acts, and thus many do not think punishment is necessary. However, to exist in an orderly universe, those who commit crimes against the natural order must receive punishment in kind, especially if predetermined by oracles. The tone chosen by Sophocles


531 words - 3 pages John DiFeliceMrs. PattersonCOM 1102January 24, 2014Works CitedFosso, Kurt. "Oedipus crux: reasonable doubt in Oedipus the King." College Literature 39.3 (2012): 26+. Literature Resource Center. Web. 24 Jan. 2014.Green, Janet M. "Review of Oedipus Rex." in the Explicator 52.1 (Fall 1993): 2-3. Rpt. in Drama for Students. Ed. David M. Galens and Lynn M. Spampinato. Vol. 1. Detroit: Gale, 1998. Literature Resource Center. Web. 24 Jan. 2014."Hamlet

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1528 words - 7 pages Differing Leaders In both the Hebrew Bible’s Exodus and Sophocles Oedipus Rex, the authors portray each respective protagonist, Moses and Oedipus, with the strong quality of leadership. Each individual author values leadership differently, which is shown through the character’s willingness to accept their roles, how God(s) role in each character’s moral and situational strife plays out, how others reacted to their decisions and actions, and also

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809 words - 4 pages can read and see into the future. The blind might not be able to physically see, but they have another kind of sight. In Sophocles' King Oedipus, the blind prophet Teiresias is represented as the truth to Oedipus and his mother. Oedipus was blind from seeing the truth his entire life. He eventually did find the truth and lost his natural ability to see. The truth caused Oedipus to physically blind himself. Oedipus’ mother was also blind to her

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421 words - 2 pages Kamal 1 Heffernan, D. ENG3UH-02 10 October 2018 Oedipus The King: Reflective Statement The Interactive Oral was effectively demonstrated through a game of Jeopardy Feud, elaborating on how the effect of time and place was emphasized in the play Oedipus The King (Sophocles). It’s interesting that the oral explored several ideas, which I knew little of beforehand, deepening my understanding of the Ancient Greek culture and, by extension, the

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721 words - 3 pages people, however failed to do so. He could not grasp his responsibility as king because he was hand cuffed to his emotions, which led him to make the wrong decisions. Instead of taking responsibility, Oedipus accuses Teritias and Creon for unleashing a malevolent lie against him. Oedipus lusts for power and control, and feels threatened by the people that surrounds him. Sophocles instills fear in Oedipus as Jocasta testifies. Sophocles creates many

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543 words - 3 pages Men of Thebes: look upon Oedipus.This is the king who solved the famous riddleAnd towered up, most powerful of men.No mortal eyes but booked on him with envy,Yet in the end ruin swept over him.The first half of the ending of the Sophocles shows the rising action, climax and the falling action of the tragedy. It implies the definition of tragedy: One of high station due to a flaw (Hamatia) in Oedipus' character meets his demise. When Thebes is

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573 words - 3 pages Oedipus Rex Questions Prologue 1. What does the Priest say to Oedipus? The Priests informs Oedipus that the city has been infected with a disease that is affecting the fruit blossoms, the cattle, and newborn children. He also reminds Oedipus that he has previously saved the city from the Sphinx. He begs Oedipus to save the people of the kingdom once again by using either a “heavenly voice” or another person. 2. What qualities do we immediately