Oedipus Rex Guiding/Thinking Questions Eng4 U1 Homework

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Oedipus Rex Questions
1. What does the Priest say to Oedipus?
The Priests informs Oedipus that the city has been infected with a disease that is affecting the fruit blossoms, the cattle, and newborn children. He also reminds Oedipus that he has previously saved the city from the Sphinx. He begs Oedipus to save the people of the kingdom once again by using either a “heavenly voice” or another person.
2. What qualities do we immediately see in Oedipus?
One quality that we immediately see in Oedipus is that he is understanding and/or sympathetic. He acknowledges illnesses of the people of his kingdom and expresses his concern. He also exhibits his ability to be proactive by analyzing the situation at hand and acting quickly after doing so. He establishes a plan and acts through it by sending away his brother-in-law to learn how to save the city. He also shows qualities of a good leader by being prepared if anything goes wrong, which is shown in the way he recognizes that his brother-in-law has been gone for too long.
3. What news does Creon bring from Delphi?
Creon tells Oedipus that there is hope for the kingdom. However, the kingdom will only be healed if the murder of the previous ruler, Laius, is atoned. His murderers must be punished in order to help the kingdom. He informs Oedipus that only one of Laius’ murderers remains but has run away. Oedipus is also made aware that the song of a Sphinx caused the kingdom to be prevented from looking into the murder of Laius.
4. What is the mood of the Chorus upon its entrance? What appeals do they make?
Upon its entrance, ...


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