Oedipus, Who Was He And What Had He Learned

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Do you know who Oedipus Rex was? He was Oedipus, King Thebes, supposed son of Plybos and Merope, King and Queen of Corinth. Married to Iokaste, Queen of Thebes she is the wife of the late King Laios. What would Oedipus learn about himself, the gods and truth? What influence would the gods have upon his life? Would his life be like a winding spiral staircase winding around until you reached the top? Would he be able to reach the top and stay there: or would his life spin out of control before his very eyes? Let us explore and see what the story reveals.We find Oedipus as ruler of the Kingdom of Thebes; he seems to be very powerful and respected among his people. But there is curse of pla ...view middle of the document...

When Oedipus calls him coldhearted for not telling what he knows, this angers the prophet who in turn tells Oedipus that if he could only see the temperament of his own feelings. He tells Oedipus he himself is the man he seeks, for it is he who murdered Laios. Oedipus calls him ludicrous and orders for his removal. Teiresias continues to explain that the one they seek, is bother and father to his children, and that he is husband and son to the his wife who gave birth to him. Oedipus has him removed, thinking someone has set the blind prophet up to say such hideous things.Oedipus turns on Kreon accusing him of conspiring with Teiresias to tell such lies; he implies Kreon wants to rule Thebes as King. Of course Kreon tells him he is insane. He was willing to accuse his best friend to save himself and not believe all the horrible things the blind prophet told him. Charogos tells Oedipus that Kreon would never betray him, and Oedipus tells him that is Kreon is not against him then the accusations that were made by the blind prophet would mean death or exile for him.Oedipus tells Kreon to leave and that hatred would follow him, Kreon tells Oedipus that in his anger he has made and ugly mess of things, which seems to be what Oedipus does makes decisions when he is angry.Iokaste asks her husband to tell her what has happened he does, he asks her to describe Laios, when she does he tells her he may himself be the guilty one he is in search of. He tells her of how one night a feast a drunken man told him he was not Polybos' son; he then confronted his parents who denied such nonsense. Yet he always had doubt in his mind. He went to Delphi to speak with the god who ignored his question. He spoke of other things like Oedipus would lie with his own mother and have children. That he would kill his own father, after hearing such unthinkable things he fled from Corinth and never saw his parents again. That is when he came upon Laios and his men attacked him so in retaliation he became an enraged and killed them all. He would send for the Shepard that witnessed the killings and if he were to testify that Oedipus was indeed the murde...


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1249 words - 5 pages Free I have chosen to explore paragraphs 8, 9 and 11 to interpret what Wordsworth might have meant by this quote. The use of 'fostered' creates the impression of a parent or guardian, and with such a high regard for nature I wonder whether this quote is aimed at her and her so called actions that only Wordsworth seems to feel and encounter.Episode 8 begins with the lines; he seems at one with where he used to live in 'that beloved Vale' and the cold

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875 words - 4 pages not care what it cost him; he put the lives of 1200 Jews over his own. Without a doubt he cared for them and did what was right. "I knew the people who worked for me... When you know people, you have to behave towards them like human beings."- Oskar ShchindlerBibliographyOnline Media Files:Steven Spielberg "Schindler's List," Sockshare video.1996. Internet. Available from http://www.sockshare.com/file/C2BC867DB12CDD6B# (accessed November 13, 2011

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498 words - 2 pages Free , himself is influenced by it. He goes beyond the minimum requirements for certain objectives, i.e. to replace Cassio as Lieutenant, raising doubts as to whether he enjoys deceiving others, or is captured in his own web-trap of lies. Iago is a complicated man who commits crimes not out of motive, but for other objectives stemming from his personality, and surrounding circumstances.Iago does not proactively perpetrate his plan; rather it is in retaliation

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625 words - 3 pages describing "things that had happened before my birth", so many of the other slaves believed that he was destined to become a religious prophet because of all the stuff he "saw" or "heard" (Marcus, Giggie, Burner 233). Due to the fact that Nat Turner was a very religious slave who had many visions and led a rebellion against slavery, Nat Turner began as an abolitionist as a slave. His first master was Samuel Turner but, when his master died in 1822

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1551 words - 7 pages complete his lustful wishes, Humbert takes out his frustration towards Quilty. Quilty was the man who Dolores first fell in love with and who helped her escape. Enraged by the fact that she could love a man who creates child films, Humbert felt like murder was the only choice he had left. Humbert is in a constant battle against the moral responsibilities he faces and his desires towards Lolita. Sometimes the difficulty to restrain oneself can became so

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445 words - 2 pages though it is his wife, lady Macbeth, a dominant and persevering woman, who kills Duncan, he also suffers from an uneasy conscious which slowly devours him from the inside, but he remains stable until the end.Even though Macbeth doesn't exactly sell his soul to the devil, still he condems it to torture. What he gains, power over Scotland for a short period of time, is also not worth a human soul.In a few words, nothing, not even magic, power, absolute knowledge and dominance over the world is a good enough reason for one to give up their humanity. Our souls are the most precious of gifts given to us as living beings and are way too precious to be exchanged for anything.

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727 words - 3 pages Essay: How much is Macbeth a victim of the forces of evil and what degree does he embrace evil? Introduction: Thesis: Evil is a destructive force, it causes harm to those who embrace it and their victims. In Shakespeare 's Macbeth, the protagonist Macbeth plummets into the hands of evil. Evil is what drives people to commit unnatural actions of destruction. These actions are caused by Macbeth’s overwhelming greed and ambition. The forces of evil

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925 words - 4 pages , would be seen as dark time for the sport. These two were not the only high profile players that where questioned about their use of performance enhancing drugs but the light was much brighter on them because of the records they had both broken years earlier. Bud Selig, who was the commissioner of the MLB at the time, was also called in to Congressional hearings and was asked to implement harsher drug testing along with punishments that fitted the

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606 words - 3 pages What impressions are we given of Hamlet in the first two acts of Hamlet? Hamlet is depicted as cowardly and false when the passionate anger he displayed whilst conversing with the ghost in act one is not re-conveyed further within act two, stalling revenge against his uncle. The dead king’s ghost reveals the cause of his death at the hands of Hamlet’s uncle, infuriating Hamlet demonstrated through the lengthily speech and energetic responses

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550 words - 3 pages has this. Odysseus is being punished by having to go through obstacles after obstacles, but he always pulls through, like the time when he sailed by the lotus-eaters. He could have given up then, and gone to forget about the dangers that would await him, but he knew that he must get home. Home was his goal and nothing would change that. He knew what must happen, he knew he was a leader and had to get through the obstacles, know matter what.Odysseus