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Objective: The purpose of this lab is for student's to investigate the relationship between the three variables involved in Ohm's Law- Current, Voltage, and Resistance.Theory: The Ohm's law states that the direct current flowing in a conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference between its ends. It is usually formulated as V = IR, where V is the potential difference, or voltage, I is the current, and R is the resistance of the conductor.Formulas:V=IRMaterials:1) Circuits Experiment Board2) D-Cell3) Wire4) Digital Multimeter (DMM)5) ResistorsDiagrams:AmmmeterUmm WireVolt MeterrheostatProcedure:1) Making sure that the switch is open carefully construct the circuit. W ...view middle of the document...

2) For each value of R in table V very carefully adjust the knob of the power supply until the current R is 1ma (1ma Full scale meter). For each of these values of R in table V measure the voltage with a voltmeter (12 V Full-Scale).A. Variation of current with voltage keeping R constant.1. Applying Ohm's Law, for each value of I and Vr in Table I compute R and record these values in table I.2. Determine the average value of R from Table I and record in Table II.3. Determine the average value of Vr in table III and record in table IV.B. Variation of Voltage with resistance keeping it constant.Tabulations:Table I- Variation of Current with Voltage Keeping R Constant (Part A)I (ma) Vr (volts) R (Ω) V=I x R Theoretical5 0.51 v 100 5x 10-3A x 1x102 Ω .5 x 10-1 V15 1.45 v 100 15 x 10-3 A x 1x102 Ω 15 x 10-1 V25 2.45 v 100 25 x 10-3 A x 1x102 Ω 25 x 10-1 V35 3.25 v 100 35 x 10-3 A x 1x102 Ω 35 x 10-1 V45 4.40 v 100 45 x 10-3 A x 1x102 Ω 45 x 10-1 VTable III- Variation of Current with Resistance Keeping Vr Constant (Part B)I (ma) R (Ω) Vr (volts) I= Amps4.0 mA 2K 8 8/ (2 x 103) 4x10-38.2 mA 1K 8 8/ (1 x 103) 8 x10-310.5 mA 800 K 8 8/ (1 x 102) 1 x 10-213.2 mA 600 K 8 8/ (6 x 102) 1.33 x 10-219.7 mA 400 K 8 8/ (4 x 102) 2 x 10-2Table V- Variation of Voltage With Resistance Keeping I Constant (Part C)Vr (volts) R(Ω) I (ma) V=IR2.45 v 1K 2 (2x 10-3)(1x 103) = 2V7.2 v 3K 2 (2x 10-3)(3x 103) = 6V11.7 v 5K 2 (2x 10-3)(7x 103) = 18VCalculations:Table 1 - Variation of Current with Volt...


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1213 words - 5 pages . Ohm's law defines the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance in a circuit. It states that the electrical current flowing through a circuit is proportional to the voltage and inversely proportional to the resistance. Electricity is the flow of electrons. Electrons surround the nucleus of an atom; the negative charge of an electron is equal to the positive charge of a proton. An atom can gain and lose electrons, when electrons are lost

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475 words - 2 pages electric charge. In electric circuits this charge is often carried by moving electrons in a wire 6. Resistance:  The electrical resistance of a circuit component or device is defined as the ratio of the voltage applied to the electric current which flows through it: ... Whether or not a material obeys Ohm's law, its resistance can be described in terms of its bulk resistivity. 7. Power: The rate of doing work or transferring heat, the amount of

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1397 words - 6 pages on the inverting and noninverting inputs using ohm's law. The current for each input was calculated and averaged together to find the input bias current, the input bias current of each 741 chip was record into tables 28-2 and 28-6. 4. After that figure 28-10 was constructed and the output voltage for each op-amp was measure and recorded in tables 28-3 and 28-7. Following those values the input voltage was calculated with the equation Vout/1000=Vin

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