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Olympics Essay

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OLYMPICSThe Olympics were originated in Greece. It was mainly meant for the people to impress the gods, and goddesses, as I read in an encyclopedia. Now the Olympics are all about "flashiness" and who is better then who, rather then a stream of enjoyment, which brings competition, between other countries. I am here to talk about why I like the new style of Olympics, rather then the Greek way, which is to impress, rather then to win and give your heart.Ever since I could remember, I have always watched the Olympics, I was there when Michael Johnson broke the record, I was there when the U.S. hockey team took silver, I ...view middle of the document...

S. because of their, numerous numbers of gold metals in hockey and Curling. The Russians will have their bragging rights, in hockey and figure skating; hence, we will have ours in Basketball, Track and Field, and weight training. There are many other countries that compete and only one country can be a gold in their event, one country can be a silver at a event, and one country can be a bronze at one event, and then at the end they count of how many metals the countries have and score them on a point scale, and then you get your official gold, silver, and bronze winners.The Olympics not only brings competition, but for once everyone all around the world looks at each other, and congratulates each other in their effort, its not about making money, it's about pride, and that is what many people in this day and age lack. The Olympics were meant for entertainment, and now they are meant for entertainment and pride, it really hasn't changed in the past few thousands years, it has added onto its great and wellness. The Olympics are something that will be looked upon for many generations to come and will only get better. That is my reasoning in why I say that the Olympics now are better then they were few thousand years ago. Besides, In the mere future there will be more countries coming, and that just makes it look better for the United States Olympians to strive and do better and prove to the entire world that we are better then them.

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