Assignment On One Fine Day

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One Fine Day As I walked from my class in brown hall, I looked at the sky. I noticed how the water sparkled on the surface of the water fountain in front of the magnificent Miller Auditorium. the ripples of light that were reflected on the sidewalk looked like bright yellow worms on the cool gray sidewalk. Up ahead there was a bird frolicking in the grass trying to find his daily lunch of a fat, juicy earthworm. The refreshing wind passed by me as I walked on. It was a cool relief from the sun's warm rays. A few golden leaves fell silently to the ground as the wind blew. The leaves scattered about leaving light covering of golden hues of brown and yellow over the crisp green grass. The sound of the water droplets falling back into the water fountain base made a melody like an early spring rain.There was a large group of students walking into the huge Knauss Hall. By the smiles on their faces I could tell that they were in a good mood. The eager students dressed in bright summer clothing proceeded into the hall. They were carrying their backpacks carefully packed with books, excited to learn. The proud whistle of the train rang through the air, warning motorist of its arrival at the nearby tracks. The soft chatter of geese filled my ears as they cruised by on their way to a warm vacation away from the frosty winter months.As I walked from my class in Brown Hall, I glanced at the clouds in the sky. The thick gray clouds that hung heavily in the air suggested the possibility of rain. I noticed how the water fountains surface seemed to be blinding as I passed by it. The beams of light that protruded from the fountain, lay on the murky gray sidewalk like slimy yellow worms. A few feet in front of me I saw a bird scrounging around in the brown patch of grass for his menial meal of worms. The cold wind blew by me as I continued my journey.It was a dramatic change from the scorching sun. As the wind gusted harder, the leaves fell from the trees. They cluttered the ground with colors of dirty brown and yellow. The constant sound of the water splashing was annoying as I walked passed the fountain. I noticed. I noticed about ten people heading toward the gloomy Knauss hall. The people walked almost mechanically into the doors, no expressions on their faces what so ever.They shifted the weight of their heavy backpacks, which were laden with thick books, from one shoulder to the next. The loud whistle of the train pierces the air as it reaches the rickety tracks, warning people of its danger. The irritating honking of geese flooded my ears as they flocked south for the frigid winter.I began my discriptions with the first thing that I noticed: The sky. On the particular day that I observed, I wasn't in a very good mood so naturally it was easier for me to see the negative aspect of things. in the positive essay, I omitted the rain clouds that I noticed and in doing so I made the scene seem a little more positive. As I continued on my journey I noticed that the water in the Miller fountain was so bright that it was blinding because of the suns reflection. Having no vision was definitely a negative sort of thing. I looked at the fountain in a better perspective and found that the water was actually sparkling in the sun. Concentrating on the sparkling made my essay positive. As I looked at the side walk I noticed that the dirty sidewalk was peppered with what looked like big slimy worms. That was gross. So to make the scene seem a little more positive I said that the light resembled worms, omitting the fact that they looked big and slimy. Up next there was a bird that was walking in the grass, scrounging for his lunch of worms. Well a meal of worms sounded so plain for a bird so to make it sound a little better I stated that the bird was finding big, fat, juicy worms. As I made my way down the sidewalk I felt a cool breeze. it felt cold, but good. By omitting the good feelings I made the wind seem good.When the wind was blowing I noticed that the leaves were falling from the trees.The way they fell was soothing, but the way that they cluttered the ground wasn't too nice. I simply left out that they cluttered the ground in the positive and focused on their color more than anything. However in the negative essay I focused on how they cluttered the ground. Next I listened to the sounds around me, mainly the train whistle and the geese. In moderation both would have been fine but the constant sound grew rather annoying very fast. I also noticed that the dribble of the water in the fountain was rather relaxing, however, the longer I stood there the more irritated I became. So expressing my irritation in the negative made it have a negative tone but the relaxation made an excellent positive trait. My sentence structure changed slightly from the negative essay to the positive one. in the positive essay tended to make longer sentences and shorter in the negative essay.While writing this piece I have learned different ways to look at things. There is always more than one way to view a situation. By writing this paper, my mind was forced to think one idea in many different ways, then write the perspectives down in a way that guides the readers attention to what I think is important for them to look at. Not only have I learned that thinking in many perspectives makes my mind think faster but also more critically.


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