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Executive Summary
With the rapid development of computer technology, the scale of the communication network service market is also expanding. As the third largest telecommunication operator in New Zealand, Kordia has 25,000 km of national network. Internet and network media have greatly affected the traditional broadcasting and television business. We have been providing telecommunications services for radio and television customers in the market also suffered a great impact. Kordia needs a new market plan and changes the current dilemma. After many years of accumulation, Kordia has many mature products. We hope to extend these products to new markets, not just in the field of radio and television. We have redefined our target customers and made business and government communications customers as our targets. Analyzing the company's current situation makes us realize that our advantages lie in leading technology, reliable products, rich experience in operation and rich network resources. Of course, through the analysis, we also found that the inadequacies are low brand awareness and regional constraints. We need strong partners like Microsoft to help us achieve our goals. Our competitors are telecom operators like us. To know them can find differences that help us to formulate appropriate market strategies. In addition, we need to pay attention to the external environment. We find that the growth of the target customer market and the use of advanced technology can bring us opportunities, but the strength of competitors and the proliferation of hacker technology will threaten our development.
Kordia should choose market development and diversification as market strategies because they can bring more market opportunities to Kordia. Skimming pricing strategy and cost-plus pricing approach are very consistent with our current situation and product characteristics. In market promotion, we adopt the strategy of pull and push to communicate with customers. In terms of sales, Kodia should employ a combination of direct distribution and distribution. By using a diversified strategy, we can even fatten some competitors into distributors.
1. The Business Challenge
Kordia is a government-owned telecommunications operator in New Zealand. Our company has a specialized network to meet the demands of particular customers. Our value is solid, expert, curiosity and sure we can. Over the past 60 years, Kordia owned and operated almost all transmission networks for television and broadcasting, providing customers with operating the reliable basic communication network to transmit signals and maintenance service. As the third largest telecom operator in New Zealand, we also provide mobile communication services for ordinary customers and maritime safety service. Traditional TV media began to decline gradually under the impact of the Internet. People would not watch less TV, but they would often use streaming media instead of cable TV (Mediakix Team, 2018). ...


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