One Scene Of "Julius Caeser" Written In A Different Dialect

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Scene three/ Act twoARTEMIDORUS(reads aloud)"Caesar, beware of Brutus. Take heed of Cassius.Come not near Casca. Have an eye to Cinna. Trust notTrebonius. Mark well Metellus Cimber. Decius5Brutus loves thee not. Thou hast wronged CaiusLigarius. There is but one mind in all these men, andit is bent against Caesar. If thou beest not immortal,look about you. Security gives way to conspiracy. Themighty gods defend thee!Thy lover,Artemidorus"10Here will I stand till Caesar pass along,And as a suitor will I give him this.My heart laments that virtue cannot liveOut of the teeth of emulation.If thou read this, O Caesar, thou mayst live.15If not, the Fates with traitors do contrive.Artemidorus: Reading aloud from letter:"Omg. Caesar...You like need to be really really careful of Brutus, and umm watch outfor like Cassius too. And OMG don't forget Casca or Cinna!! Oh, em, canttrust Trebonius or Cimber neither!! Like this may be like hard to believe, but you likehave to know, that like all those sleezeballs have like the same intention!! And they likeall want to kill you!! So like, watch out! And umm if you aren't like superman, watch outfor everyone that's around you. Ill like, go to church and pray for you,your bff!!Artemidorus"You know what? I think ill like wait here for Caeser to walk by, and umm ill give it tohim like it's a magazine catalog!!! I feel bad that good guys get hurt! And umm omg Idon't think its like fair... Caeser, if you read this, I hope that you like live...


A brief paragraph on the analysis of the Attic scene in "Obasan" by Joy Kogawa

501 words - 3 pages stumble upon various objects, most interesting of which are the two spiders which confront and engage eachother. After pushing a box aside, there is a spider and as it is exposed "another spider of a different variety comes scuttling up" (Kogawa,24), the second spider appears far stronger than the first and scares the first one off. The realtionship of Japanese Canadians and the Canadian government could be made as a powerless creature is living in

A detailed analysis of the 1st scene in The Matrix - "Neo Wakes up"

381 words - 2 pages Free dark and shabby to set the mood of Neo's life; a mysterious computer hacker. A dutch tilt gives his world an unreal and dreamlike feeling, conveying the way that Neo himself feels in this scene. An extreme close up shot on his computer screen brings our attention to the recurring technological theme, but more importantly highlights the strangeness of what is happening. Non-digenic music adds tension to the scene. Close ups on Neo's face as he reads

Write about a Key scene in Shakespeare's 'Richard III' which changes the readers view of Richard. - Berwickshire high school - Essay

1218 words - 5 pages Question: Write about a play which has a key scene which significantly changes the reader's view of a character. "Richard III" is a play by William Shakespeare which includes a key scene which significantly changes the reader's view on the protagonist, Richard III. In the play, the scene which changes the reader's view on the character of Richard from sympathetic to unsympathetic is act 4 scene 2. In this scene, Richard says "I wish the bastards

Transform a scene in "Blackrock" to prose. - English - assignment

952 words - 4 pages -shirt. A maddie from the hospital. All seen on the night, but for what reason? It’s after midnight. No one can see a thing. The abrupt entrance of a car headlight illuminates the beach. The crime scene. Cherie finally finds her best friend, dead, lifeless and covered in blood. Now Cherie lays with her. Filled with life, but dead inside. She doesn’t know who did it, but feels the guilt as if she did. the anger and fury paired with the sorrow and

an essay about a literature piece "Written in Stone" - University of Texas Literature - Essay

532 words - 3 pages Timaka L Brown TLB2665 “Written to Stone” : Good Job President Fenves I think that the decision to remove the statues shouldn’t have taken this long. For years, students of color, and in particular, Black students at the university have voiced their opinions on the matter. They have let the administration know that the presence of these statues is completely unacceptable, especially in a political climate of racism and prejudice. I respect

Three-Step Approach To Taking Photographs Of A Crime Scene

564 words - 3 pages what position" (Staggs, 1997). You would want to show the relationship of each vehicle to one another. The photographs should also include a permanent, recognizable landmark to help in relating as to the exact location of the accident. These photographs would be taken from several different angles so as to get a complete overall felling of what took place by looking at the photographs at a later date. Next you would start to take your mid-range

Compare the different documents used in the selection and recruitment process of a organisation - Newvic - Essay

1713 words - 7 pages able to quickly gage those who meet their criteria and those who do not while comparing a CV is a more difficult task and one that will require for the employer to be able to pick out important information that matches the acceptance criteria.  The CV and the Application Form, although very similar in what they offer on a content basis, are very different in their ability to aid the selection process for organisations. The purpose of a cover

This essay explains Marc Antony's speech in "The Tragedy of Julius Ceasar"

430 words - 2 pages In "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar", Marc Antony gives a speech to the people of Rome. To do this he must have an audience, a purpose, and he must use persuasive techniques. If Antony didn't have an audience what would be the use of his speech? Without a purpose his speech would also be useless. If Antony didn't use persuasive techniques, the audience would soon become bored, and he wouldn't accomplish his purpose. All of these three things are

the use of flattery to achieve personal gain in Julius caesar - brampton christian school/English - essay

1182 words - 5 pages funeral. In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, major action in the play rests on the way Cassius, Brutus, and Antony use flattery as a tool to carry out their personal agenda. The first time the use of flattery is evident in the play, is seen through the way Cassius manipulates Brutus into being the face of his conspiracy. Cassius knows that Brutus is seen as righteous and noble in the eyes of the commoners, and that making him the face of the

nd Power Of Language In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar - Bishop Ryan grade 11 - Essay

667 words - 3 pages Free ​Mind Bending: The Art Of Manipulation And ​Power Of Language Manipulation and power of language is a social influence used to change one’s behaviour or perception towards a situation so they react differently towards it. In William Shakespeare’s play ​Julius Caesar, ​manipulation and power of language is used as a weapon of mind control and abuse of power by many characters. Mark Antony, who is a pleasure-seeking Roman General and loyal friend

How is Caius Martius presented in the first scene of Coriolanus? What conflicts and oppositions are set up in this scene? - English Literature - Essay

1882 words - 8 pages enters the scene and the audience is able to see clearly the views of the citizens in regards to Menenius in comparison to Martius. Their attitude towards Menenius is the complete opposite therefore his reputation amongst the plebeians is more positive compared to Martius. They describe him as “worthy” and “one honest enough” which highlights the respect and admiration that they have towards Menenius, they are willing to listen to what he says as

Scene of a accident 300 word essay - ENGL 110-1 - essay

462 words - 2 pages 2 1 ENGL 1101 January 23, 2019 The Scene of a Accident Skirttttt, boomb, crashhh and just like that my mind and car is totaled. It was just a normal Tuesday I woke up in my nice comfy bed loving life and listening to the birds sing and the puppies stretch across my bed and yawn. I did some homework and fiddled around the house, overall it was a very peaceful morning. It was three-forty almost time to leave for work to be there by four, I made

A mobilized war in World War one - HST 101 - Essay

1242 words - 5 pages Free . Strategic bombing is a definite aspect of a total war. It was an attempt to destroy the ability to utilize combat by possibly killing civilians and obliterating the infrastructure of the enemy. “And in the air, are no streets, no channels, no point where one can say of an antagonist, “if he wants to reach White 2 my capital he must come by here”. In the air all directions lead everywhere” (Wells 1908, 49). Although the planes’ first use were for

A Quick Story About The Relationship Of Sisters. Written For A Moral Assignment

568 words - 3 pages I was the sweetest two year old you'd ever met. I was nice, I never wined, and I hated dirt. I was even a baby model. I listened when I was told no and did what I was told. But like everyone else, I had my moments. I had recently turned two when we found out about Sarah.Of course we didn't know that she was a she back then. In fact, we thought she was a he. All the way up to her birth we were sure of it. Now we just don't know. My mom had to buy

Relicta, a story written in summer school - May wood - Story writing

1025 words - 5 pages police cars chasing after us. We ran and ran. We made a  turn and kept on running until we think we lost them. I walked  around, turning my head in different directions to see where we  are. I asked a few people, and apparently we were in a completely  new city.   I asked one more person, a girl, to see if there are any  camps for homeless kids. She turned her head, and I recognized  her face. She was my Mom! My mom was always wearing blue