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One Time Thus Really Big Guy

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One time, there was this really big guy and he said he was going to steal my sandwich if I didn?t hurry up and eat it. He was born in the exotic part of the Amazon and had a jaunty skin color. So I tried to parry my sandwich by wavered my arms wildly. I connected with his jaw and made him angry. A mathematics teacher caught me in the act and conveyed me to the assistant principles office down at the end of ...view middle of the document...

On his desk were various trinkets and pink slips of many insubordinate students. He scolded me and punished me by giving me detention for a week. Then he sent me back to Biology class where we excise the fetal pig?s brain. During this two students could not hold down their lunch. By the end of class there was undigested food all over the floor. The janitor who was very haggard could not keep his lunch down as well. He ended up cleaning his and the students undigested lunches up from the floor. After that, I went to Social class were I fell asleep during the teacher?s long lecture on the presidency of Ronald Reagan. After social the big kid found me in the hall and belittled me by calling me vulgar names in the juncture of the hallway. I ran along to the next class before he could do any physical damage to the structure of my face. By that time it was one forty in the afternoon and there was twenty minutes left of the school day. I decided to hide in an empty classroom for the rest of the day. The next day I brought an extra sandwich for the big guy.

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