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online learning will replace many forms of face-to-face teaching. Do you agree?
…...Online learning is a new scientific method to raise the value of education and
provide a simpler way of learning for many people because of the huge adjustment
of exploiting technology. Also, many academics are going to change the process of
education in modern ways to replace traditional methods that are considered on
old methods of learning when needed for modern subjects. This essay will argue that online learning replaces many forms of face-to-face teaching because of the flexibility and access to the information.
The first argument of online learning may replace many forms of face-to-face classes is that online learning has a great chance to achieve the flexibility for the students that is significant advantage. Firstly, students have opportunity to formulate their own curriculum and select one of many variety subjects that fits their capabilities by studying on the internet (The Guardian 2004) ,It is very clearly this benefit can led the employees to combine their study and full-time work which is a great deal for the companies to develop their worker's skills when they are giving them support to complete their schooling. According to Jones (cited in Hoare 2003), over 70 % of post-graduate students are occupied and subsidized.
Secondly, learning can begin immediately and there is no time limit, Oxford Royale Academic (2014) shows that it is a refreshing change for students who have experienced the frustration of discovering a course after is has stated or having to wait weeks or months for curse to begin....


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